Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Flags, more fun... Six Flags!!

The two eldest earned tickets to 6-Flags during the school year by reading 6 hours within a certain time frame. We HAD to take them before school starts back. I actually had to take a day off work in order to fit it into our crazy schedule. I can't imagine what we'll be doing once Ruth and Lydia are also in school.
Bennett went last year so he was very excited about returning and was talking the whole thing up to Maggie. We drove the little two girls to Aunt Stacy's for the day. She made breakfast with eggs that Maggie claimed were "as good as Grandpa's" and that's no easy task!
Maggie seems to be much more of a daredevil than he is. Last year he didn't want to get wet or go upside down. Maggie was all about the water and probably would have gone on the coasters if we would have let her. She's still a bit too small. Maggie was VERY intent while driving the old timey cars. She didn't understand the whole "on rails" part of not having to steer even though Bennett tried to explain that she didn't have to steer and to just GO. :)
After our first trip on the Scream Machine Bennett turned around with this wonderful smile to see if Maggie had as good a time. She wasn't convinced that it was fun, but we did do it a second time. It's just so rough and not made for little people. Anyway, we opened the park at 10:30 and ended up staying way past what we planned and closed it down with the workers at 9 that night. It was a lovely day to play. They enjoyed everything we did. The $40 pizza for lunch. The $10 pretzels for supper. The water slides. The Monster Plantation! The biggest hit was the Dahlonega Mine Train and the memories it brought back for Curtis and me were fun as well. Those things have been around a while. The Scream Machine... 1972! :)
These pictures... on the Scream Machine... on the Log Flumes, now known as the Log Jamboree... and the water slide area known as Skull Island. This ended up being a big hit for the kids.

This last photo was as the minute hand was approaching 9pm. I let them take a couple trips together on the Mine Train while I took pictures.
Please be this sweet to each other forever!

P.S. At the end of the night Curtis finally convinced me I had to ride this Acrophobia ride where they take you 200 feet in the air and drop you, push you, down to the ground faster than most of your stomach and heart can fall. The kids are standing very near the bright light at the bottom. The wind was so intense it blew Bennett's cap off his head "and it was on tight" he told me. Crazy Curtis. Serves me right for actually listening to him. And I rode it twice.

My Super Heros!


Belle-ah said...

All I can say is...better you than me!!! I am not a "Flags" kind of girl. I love fairs and rides but not the 600 degrees variety.

Rose Family Editor said...

Such fun bonding times -- keep doing it annually and they'll still talk to you when they're teenagers :) Ha ha!

Loved the photos!!! Hugs from A. Lara.

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