Friday, June 27, 2008

Time with Rose Family

My sister's family came to visit after our trip to Nashville. We always enjoy our time with the Rose's because there is someone for everyone to play with. I especially enjoy the card games with the eldest two girls. Although, this trip we played a version of Catan and Em helped me win at the last minute so Dan couldn't. That's important! Fathers are not allowed to beat their 13 year old daughters, or the host home owners! :)

We took a couple of day trip activities but the camera didn't travel to each place.
One trip was to Unicoi State Park where we had the picnic and time at the beach. It's a small beach at the edge of the lake... but it's sand and water and when you're from Pennsylvania or less than 15 years old it's sufficient to make for a fun day.

We also took a trip to Helen for a round of expensive and not so tasty pizza. Then we had an exciting round of putt-putt golf where I kept up with the 7 youngest and their runaway balls while Dan and Lara took on Emily and Marci in a serious, score keeping game. I do not know the outcome but I'm sure Dan would not let any girl beat him.

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