Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Getting ready for camp

Bennett and Maggie went to camp this week. He wanted his "summer camp haircut" so he wouldn't have to do anything with it while he was gone. His father wasn't so keen on getting it cut that short so this is what he came home with.

We enjoyed an afternoon of popsicles with our friend Caleb. He's TWO and he's a TWO year old BOY. Did I mention he is 2?! We love Caleb. Especially Lydia. Well, until she wants the same item he has. But then really, she's like that with everyone.

He really liked kitty Princess Ladybug and wanted to pet her every time she came near.
Maggie was WAY excited about going to camp. I'm not sure what she expected... other than riding horses. She has been talking it up for several weeks now. We sat down last week to pick her activities and she could hardly pick her top 5. Among other things she settled for horseback riding, rock climbing, and arts & crafts. One of the staff members called me Sunday night just to let me know Maggie is officially a member of the WAYA tribe, the same as Bennett. She and Bennett had been discussing what they would do if they were on the same tribe, and if they weren't. I'm glad they are both WAYA for life! AaaaahhOoooo!
I spent Sunday checking in campers while Curtis took the kids to their cabins and settled them in. Maggie soon informed her father that "This is Chloe's bed and she is going to sleep next to me". She already knew her counselor from church so that was very comforting for her mother!
Maggie "playing" ping-pong... she informed Buzz "I'm really good at this game". I think she never made contact between paddle and ball.
Off to the cabins to make up the beds. First come, first serve around here. Top bunks are prime real estate! :)

Token R & L photos...

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