Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Baby is Three!

Lydia turned 3.

I love this picture of her baby feet. They still smell like baby feet even when she's barefoot outside all day. I love her little toes. Soon, they'll just be kid feet.
I like this picture of her from Easter. She seems to be posing just so... and she appears all innocent and sweet. I like that about her. She puts on a good front!
I liked how she folded her hands so nicely, if only they had been a little more in focus.
She is THE baby and certainly thinks the world still revolves around her. She demands attention as well as whatever toy item she wants. She is the cutest little 3 year old in the house! She still talks in her own little language quite often. We understand most of what she says but there are times she tells me a story and will squinch up her nose and lower her eyes and say things that, I'm sure are quite important to the story but, get lost in the delivery. Her best friends are boys from church. AJ and Shannon if you ask her. When the girls recently got our hair cut we were talking about how cute it was and how Daddy would like it and she says "AJ will like my hair". When he comes to the house she exclaims "MY AJ is home". And in all honesty it comes out more "jayjay" than "AJ"... but she's very cute. If she can withstand all his boy violence and Ninja Turtle attacks they'll make a cute couple one day.
This is Shannon.

Shannon and Lydia were driving around the Jenning's house one playgroup morning. They rounded the corner where some of the moms were standing in the driveway and he had his arm around Lydia so lovingly... .
I asked him to stop so I could take their picture and he propped his chin in his hand like it was a big deal. I told him to put his arm back around her and he gave me the "surely you jest" look. Deep down I do believe he loves her. :)
Or maybe it's Ruth that he loves?

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