Friday, October 16, 2009

October Stuff and more

Each time I start a new post I say how long it has been and how busy I have been since the last post. So, I'm not going to say it anymore. It's a given. We are in that stage and will remain here until after all the girls are married and given away! I'm accepting it. We are busy. With 3 in school and 4 in soccer we keep busy just from those things. Soccer season is short lived and only 2 days a week... until you multiply that by 4 kids. Some weeks we have played soccer each night which seems to stress out the adults more than the players. I love watching them play and learn new tricks. Maggie seems to be the natural athlete in the bunch, if we have one.

School is moving along well. We just got report cards back for this quarter and they all were all A's. Not such a difficult feat in the lower grades but I was very surprised about Bennett. He is the ONLY one in his class with all A's at this point. We are proud... slightly. :)

We just took a quick vacation to Chattanooga for our fall break and Bennett's 9th birthday. I have 200 pictures to sift through to put some here and a few videos as well. It was a terrific time all together and away from our responsibilities. This was the first time we've been "nap free" with all 4 and were able to go all day doing whatever we wanted. We visited the aquarium, saw some collegiate rowing, went to a children's museum, did a lot of walking, climbed aboard the Chattanooga Choo Choo, visit Rock City, went swimming and had some yummy food. At the hotel we went swimming each day and it's such a nice time now that the eldest two can actually swim safely. Lydia is a fish with her floaties on and jumps in and swims through crowds of strangers without fear. Ruth is still a little reluctant to get too far from safety and the crowds really freak her out. She spends most of her time in the hot pool.
This was a shot of the girls in the museum.
The kids at the top of Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Rock City. See Seven States.
Just outside the Aquarium... family photo shot op.

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