Monday, October 19, 2009


Soccer season to drawing to a close. This has been a terribly wet and cold season. Fall is supposed to be hot and pleasurable. Not so much this year.

Tonight we had a couple of make-up games from earlier rained out games. Something happened to keep half of the team at home. I know several of the kids are sickly. Maggie got to play her entire game and her teacher came to watch and we were playing our good friend Leah... Maggie was showing off!! She scored at least 3 times (there's dispute over the number, Daddy thinks it was more). My camera battery died as I was following her into the goal for the 2nd one. Sigh!

Ruth and Lydia played short staffed as well. Ruth played the entire game and scored as well. There's a little dispute as to who actually touched the ball before it went across the line... but we're giving them both credit because it's cuter that way. Ruthie and Nelson worked TOGETHER to make the score. :)

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