Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Video from the Geeky Band Nerd

My friends, the people I hang with and whom I love... make fun of me. They talk about me while I'm gone and make fun. It's ok. I'm used to it and I'm ok with it. They are also the only ones who read my blog so I'm ok with telling them... Go Ahead... make fun! I'm enjoying my band videos over and over. And I'm going to DCI next year when they come to the big ATL... and I won't take you with me! By Golly!

and I'll wear my hair however I feel!! Until I can get it all cut off again. :)

Enjoy my videos and laugh... I still get chills when the beat penetrates my whole being.

This last video is so you can hear the voice of my friend... screaming at the players. The coach in the stands... I love that voice!

Alrighty then.... if you just watched all 3 of these videos.... well, you have no room to make fun of me!! :)


Corie said...

I didn't make fun of you. I think anyone who has rhythm is very gifted. So are people who can spell rhythm. (For lack of any better, more impressive talent.) Mr. Knott wasn't referring to you specifically the other evening, just recounting his experience of being more superior, as he was not a nerd after all, compared to those in the band. It was weird that you happened to match part of his description...I believe Anne was the one who pointed that out. I just laughed, that's all. A little. But I still love you.

Mama D! said...

uh huh... I believe you. A little. Laughing at their comments is as bad as making the comments. Didn't yo momma raise you no bettah?

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