Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mortimer's Mouse - by Bennett Davidson

Mortimer’s Mouse
By Bennett Davidson

Once upon a time there was a monkey named Mortimer (which in this story is called Mort). Mort was very smart. One day the King wanted all of the town to come to his palace. The King was going to pick someone to go on a quest to look for a mouse to be his royal assistint. He was going to pull 3 names out of a jar to be in the monkey bar race to go on the quest. The person who won the race would get to go on the quest. So it was time to pull names out of the jar. The King pulled the first name out of the jar! He said in a high voice, Lovie Lamb! The King pulled the next name out of the jar, Mort Monkey! The King pulled the last name out of the jar, Tom Tortise! The next day Lovie Lamb, Mort Monkey and Tom Tortise were all exersizing. Finaly after 5 days of work they were all ready for the race. They were all warming up on the starting line of the monkey bar race. After 30 minutes the race had begun! Lovie Lamb was in the lead! Mort was catching up! Sudenly Mort was in the lead! Mort was getting closer and closer to the finish line! All of the sudden Mort had crossed the finish line! Everyone was cheering! The king came up to Mort and said, you have won the race and now you will go on a quest for a mouse to be my assistint. You will need plenty of sleep tonight so you can leave in the morning. Mort now you need to go to your hosue now and get some sleep. Meet me at 7:30am tommarow so we can get you ready. The next morning Mort and the king had met. You will need this box of cheese for the mouse when you find it. Also take this box of bannas for you. Take this backpack, flashlight, 10 dollar bill for plane tickets. Now go on your way! Mort had begun through his town. When he got out of the city limits he thought mouse holes would be a good place to find mice. After walking over bridges, through tunnels and on a place he found a mouse running through a field without a family. Mort saw the mouse and quicky asked if he would be interested in coming to be the kings assistint. The mouse said yes only if he would give him a box of cheese. It was lucky he had one in his packpack. The mouse hopped in Mort’s hands and they started walking through the field going on a plane, through tunnels and over bridges. Finaly Mort’s town was in sight! They started running and then the mouse yelled STOP! The mouse wanted to tell Mort his name. The mouse said his name was Montie and finily they started having conversations. When they got to the Kings palace the King was glad he found a mouse for his assistant. Mort and Montie almost said by to each other and the king stopped them and said Mort could visit Montie any time he wanted to and said thank you for finding a mouse to help the king and Mort visited Montie once a week and they had a great time together!


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Lenee said...

AWWWW - makes me wish I was a mouse.

Great job, Bennett!


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