Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

...or any of the other names people have given this day. Lots of people have opinions on this day. I actually don't think much about it. We're just not mushy-gushy romantic around this house. He bought two bottles of Starbuck's syrup and called it my gift. I figure I'll cook today and maybe even wash some laundry. Now, that's romantic! The kids enjoy this day. They both brought bags of candy home from school. I'm sure there is no real education on the meaning and history of Valentine's day. They didn't even talk about Abe Lincoln's 200th birthday this week. So the whole "no real education" just guides me more toward that K12 homeschooling program... but I digress.
I promised a new post 2 weeks ago. January 31st I believe was the date. February 1st was SuperBowl Sunday and I had things to do! :) We did our normal Sunday church activities and our evening shifted an hour up so everyone could go watch the game and party like the wild things we are. See, last year I stayed home with a puking child after having prepared food for all our friends and I didn't get to taste and enjoy any of it. So this year... well... I stayed home with 2 sick girls after preparing food for all our friends and I didn't get to stay and enjoy. This year it's officially the flu. All 3 girls enjoyed having the same diagnosis. They are so kind to share. So far Bennett is asymptomatic! He's strong and mighty. I also had symptoms of illness for the past week. So, that's my excuse for not having posted like I planned. Maggie ended up missing 4 days of school. I missed a day or two of work... I lost track. I did take flu photos so I would be able to post.

Here I am almost 24 hours later than when I started this post. It seems impossible to do all the things I WANT to do with all the things I HAVE to do... like work, cook, clean. So, my pictures are loading. The post isn't as complete as I wanted. But it's getting into tomorrow and I have to get ready for the little girls to sing in church in the morning... 9 hours from now.
So here are a couple girl pictures from this week. We had playdough day. They made birds, frogs, and cakes. Maggie actually vacuumed up the mess all on her own.
Tonight, for the big V day, we took the kids to our friend Rebecca's house and then went with another couple (and parents to 4 kids also left with Rebecca) to drink coffee and play cards. We have done that around our kitchen tables, but the kids usually interrupt every 6.4 minutes for some disaster or hunger pain. We enjoyed our hour of cards and laughter. It's good for the soul. And the coffee was mighty satisfying. Now all Cleveland needs is some good sushi! :)

Oh... the school's yearbook is due to be finished in 10 days so all my "free" time will be doing that. Don't look for a new post until after the 24th! :) Just so you know.

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