Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Many Crazy Faces of Lydia

SO... the goal of the 3 year old is to try and contort into as many odd and weird expressions as possible... while Mom snaps photos driving down the road. No, Mom wasn't driving... Dad was driving. Mom was laughing. Also, Ruth turned her crayon box into a cell phone and was talking to her brother (not Bennett) and very emphatically saying "WHAT??"... until she realized I was watching. Then she gave me her own crazy face. For posterity's sake, of course!

The Preschool Choir sang for church this morning. That means the two little girls got to shine on stage. Well, 8:30 is awfully early for little people and only a couple of the boys really cooperated with the whole process. Thankfully, they fed the kids some sugar during Sunday school and the 11 o'clock service was much more animated. Nolan and Elliott sang next to each other and they're about the only voices you hear. But they did a good job considering... um, well... considering nothing. Any other day they would be up and running around the house well before 8:30. They speak in loud tones at all hours of the day. They jump up and down, wave their hands in the air like they just don't care, spin around and perform any time you ask... except this morning. Oh well... at least they are entertaining.
Please pardon the shakiness at the end... Nolan was making me laugh.

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