Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Maggie is 7.... New Year's Eve Party!

It has been more than a week since Maggie's birthday and I never got around to posting photos. Now, I can't even remember what we did. It's sad... this old brain of mine!
The photos have helped spark my memory a little. My Mom came up early that morning because Maggie had made big plans for all of us. She wanted to get her nails done and take me with her too because that's all I had wanted for my birthday and I didn't get it. So, Grandma and all the girls loaded up to go to Wal-Mart's fancy nail salon. Hey... we've never done nails before so Wal-Mart seemed a reasonable starting spot. We probably won't go back, but it was good enough. Maggie had the works... toes and fingers. I just did toes since fingers are prohibited at work. Well, my fingers aren't prohibited, but having paint on them is. Ruth just did her fingers because it wasn't her birthday and it was cheaper that way. Mom decided to do her fingers too. Peer pressure, I'm sure!
We soaked and they scrubbed and clipped and dried and painted. Maggie was grinning ear to ear... but she was a little concerned the clipping might hurt. I told her she wouldn't even feel it. Of course, mostly because I had just recently cut all the nails and there wasn't much to do for her. She picked a fancy gold color and the lady put a green flower right in the middle. Fancy, I tell ya! Ruth picked a "pinkish orangeish" color for her fingers and sat very patiently awaiting her turn. Grandma took pictures and entertained Lydia while they waited. My lady took a small break while I was soaking and came back after the water was cold and the girls' fingers were done. I don't know what happened, but I'm sure it was important!
After we were all dried and put back together we went and shopped for horses. One good thing about a birthday the week of Christmas is the after Christmas sales for those procrastinating shoppers. We got several new horses for the girl and then picked out her special birthday dinner. She requested Surf-n-Turf... ribeye and shrimp. Nothing cheap for this girl, by golly! Whew! At least it's good for the adults too. We wouldn't have enjoyed McDonald's cheeseburger dinner had it been requested instead.
We got home in time to fire up the grill and bake her sweet potatoes. I called our friends, the Himstedts, and they came over to join us for cake and ice cream too. Maggie opened her gifts from us and Grandma... since she was the only one Maggie invited. :) Not really... but she was the only one here. She got her horses, an Easy Bake Oven (BIG hit G-ma!), and Mario Cart for the Wii (and adults). She was very pleased with her loot, as were Bennett and Ruth. They have enjoyed baking cookies together, racing the Wii, and playing all kinds of horse play. Horseplay?! Get it?? Ok... Grandma had made the requested chocolate cake... it didn't sit straight in transport, so one side was a little off kilter. We did photos from the good side! After dinner and sugar, we sent the kids to the basement to watch a movie, popped a little popcorn and turned on the Wii for the adults.

We survived til midnight and turned the TV on just in time to watch the last of the countdown to the new year. Not sure about all the excitement... it just seems like another day to me. But then I'm an old fuddy duddy now. We called the kids upstairs and rewound the TiVo so they could watch the countdown too. Elizabeth, who was asleep on the couch, woke up to our cheering and wasn't so thrilled about the interruption in her beauty rest. Ruth was carried upstairs and tucked in bed. She never knew anything had happened.

So, that's the story of how Maggie turned 7 and we celebrated our 2009. Fun, eh?

This post has taken me 10 days to complete and the washer just beeped finished. Guess it should be the end.


Corie said...

Next year I will bring her a real horse. :)

Belle said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!

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