Friday, January 09, 2009

Coat Racks

We just moved into our new unit at work. Our locker room, as lovely as it is... didn't have a place for our big coats to hang. You know how much ice and snow we get and how everyone always wears 1000 layers up here in the north?? Well, we still have coats every now and again. Mostly raincoats. Anyway, I asked Curtis to mount some hooks on a piece of scrap wood so we could have something to use. He was all out of scrap. So, I asked my Dad... who is a carpenter and always has scrap wood. The only problem is he is incapable of following directions. I told him SCRAP, we don't care what it looks like as long as it hangs, it's in our locker room... no one cares! He heard... a bunch of girls will see my handy dandy craftsmanship! :)
So he finished and stained and beautified two scrap pieces of wood for our locker room.
I took a couple pictures for him. Everyone loves them!
Thanks Dad!!

This is my boss. She was kind enough to pose for the picture. Dad wrote a wonderful country song about doing things at work for your boss. You should get him to sing it for you one day!

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