Monday, January 19, 2009

Maggie's Big Decision

Another Creation Changed... new... reborn... a clean heart... saved... But what we have in our house this morning is a new family member. Maggie is now not just our daughter... but our sister in Christ. Sunday night I brought the girls home from church and was making them some food stuffs... since there's no school on Monday and we're not in a rush for bed... and I didn't feed them anything more than a granola bar on the way out the door 3 hours earlier. I was scrambling up some eggs and cooking the bacon Ruth requested. Maggie was having a very emotional night. She cried getting out of the van because Ruth smiled at her and that was "making fun of her". The she cried again in the kitchen for unknown reasons. I finally looked at her and asked what her deal was. "Why are you crying? Did you cry tonight at Sparks?" She said yes because she didn't do good... didn't do good at what? Saying your sections or playing games? Playing the games. Ok, that's really no big deal. Sometimes we don't run as fast or jump as high. Some days are just off days. That's ok. So, off she goes. In a few minutes she returns to the kitchen and wants to know if next Sunday could she ask Jesus into her heart. Well, yes... you can. But you don't have to wait until next Sunday. Why do you want to wait? Well... I don't know. I just think I need to ask Jesus into my heart. Well, you can do that now if you want... even right in the middle of the kitchen. So, we sat in the middle of the floor as the eggs got too dry and the bacon too crisp. We discussed why she needed a savior, why she's a sinner, what she's being saved from. She quoted scripture to me. And then she prayed... unprovoked by me. Jesus will you come into my heart because I need you to come into my heart and I think that it's time for you to come into my heart. Joyful happy tears now spilled over. We ate our dry eggs and crisp bacon and got ready for bed. I was explaining to the girls how they were now sisters 2 times since Ruth and Maggie were both a part of God's family and our family. Lydia pipes up and says she's a sister too and she wants to pray. Thank you God, Amen! She's too cute... and worried she might not be as big as the rest of the girls in the family.

This morning, since Curtis returned from his camping trip, he gave her the 20 question quiz. I think she passed. :)

I wanted to take a picture last night... but Maggie had such big red puffy eyes I decided to wait. And then today she's off shopping with Grammy. So, maybe tonight I can get a new photo of our new creature.

Happy Birthday Grammy and Aunt Lara!


Corie said...


Bella said...

God is good! Congratulations to you all!!!!! (((hugs))) to Miss Maggie!

Christy said...

SO SWEET Jenny D!! Praise God! Thanks for sharing the news of our new sister!

nlakra said...

so cool!

nlakra said...

so cool. praise God.

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