Monday, October 08, 2007

Cousin Birthdays in October

Once again I've posted more pictures than anyone really wants to see... but this is my way of scrapbooking for the kids, since I never actually print any of these pictures.

The first weekend in October my sister Lara had her high school reunion of many years. I can't say which one because it would then also date me! :) I do remember she graduated in the '80's and I didn't! Anyway, she debated whether to drive south from PA and see her old friends or stay home and decided they were worth the time. So we planned a big family weekend of it. There are 6 cousin birthdays within a few weeks of each other and we used that as an excuse to gather and eat. (Like we need an excuse!)

My brother, Rob and his wife, Stacy offered their house for our gathering place. Actually, we were supposed to go to a nearby park but it was under construction or had another reunion there or something major. So we defaulted to their house. They were so gracious the entire weekend. We stayed there Friday - Sunday of that weekend, visited at Adam's baseball game, played a Grandma and Grandpa's a little, but mostly we just stayed at Rob's.

Speaking of Grandma... did you notice the table of cakes in front of the grandkids? Each of the 6 kids got their own cake or pie. Of course, we all had to sample each flavor to make sure they were all ok. She did a pretty good job keeping them happy. This picture of kids... Ruth (4), Briella (6), Bennett (7), Adam (8), Jared (8), Zack (11).

Rob and Stacy also rented a HUGE inflatable slide to entertain the kids. We were certainly thankful for the good weather so they could stay outside!

Eventually we mosied inside for the kids to all open something special from the other aunts/uncles and Grandpa/ma. It seemed like Christmas in October there was so much stuff. Here are a couple of shots of Ruth and Bennett. He got some Dale, Jr. stuff that made him smile ear to ear. It was a huge hit and he's since made a special shelf on his bookshelf just for his Jr. display. Aunt Lara brought special Princess dresses for ALL the girls to dress and dance in. What a site to see them swinging each other around the living room in their beautiful dresses. Here's one of my favorite shots of the girls lined up on the couch... Ruth, Anna Grace, Briella, & Maggie.

Here are some more fun shots of the family... Uncle Seth

Aunt Leslie

cousin Emily who must take after her Uncle Seth



Here are all the cousins... well most of the cousins. I'm not sure where the missing 3 were.

Back row: Esther, Emily, Anna Grace, Zack, Marci. Next row: Maggie, Ruth, Briella. Front row: Adam, Jared, Micah, Bennett.

That means Lydia, Titus, and Tyler were missing. Probably either napping or whining about not napping. :)

And then this is Ruth Sunday morning waiting to leave for church. She was resting so sweetly with Puddin.
Here's the one token shot of Grandpa and Grandma. They will not like that I put this on a public domain... but when it's all I got, it's all I got!! I still love you though.

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