Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tooth Day... Lydia's 1st trip to the dentist.

Everyone says I'm crazy for taking all 4 kids to the dentist by myself. It went fine. The only thing was I didn't get the pictures of xray time because I was helping Ruth or Lydia hold still in their chair. Maggie's such a trooper. She always wants to go first. And I didn't get any pictures of her in the chair this time because I was holding Ruth's hands. I did get an "after" picture.

Bennett did better this time than any other visit. He did everything they said without the first grunt or complaint. They even did xrays which he's not fond of.

Of course, I guess he could have been complaining and I didn't hear him because Ruth was fussing in my ear. She didn't want to sit still or open initially, but eventually warmed up and did fine.
Here's a shot of the girls looking at the pictures of their teeth. Ruth finally got her x-rays. She's been saying that after she turned 4 she wouldn't be scared anymore and they could take her pictures. I missed it, but it was probably for the best. They can't complain if I don't listen! :)

Lydia surprised me by sitting just right and opening wide. First things first... Lydia had to check out her goodie bag! I think she liked her timer a whole bunch. It was a great distraction initially. :)
The hygentist (?) was able to do all she needed without any trouble until she started the whirring, spinning thing that tickles the teeth and gums. I don't think Lydia would call it tickling though. After that she was done. Done opening. Done sitting. Until the word "sticker" came up. Then she suddenly was ready to do whatever! It's a funny thing about those little bribes. :)

All is well. No cavities x 4... and Maggie came away with one less tooth. The dentist pulled her front tooth which was barely hanging in the wind... and she used her numbing cream to make it better. I called it cheating! :) Gotta call the Tooth Fairy again!
Here's a pre-dentist smile from Lydia. Peanut Butter toast and all!

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