Friday, October 12, 2007

Bennett's Dance Party

Bennett had a dance party for his 7th birthday. He has wanted one since we went to cousin Heather's wedding back in June. It has been a consistant request so I really wanted to make it happen. The kids don't get big parties around here to begin with and I've been trying to get birthdays to be a big deal every year. I don't want big parties... just special days for the kids. Ruth and Bennett have shared their birthdays in the past. Most years it's just the nearby family who end up eating cake with us. That's certainly sufficient... but I wanted to dance! Actually, I wanted to see Grammy dance again too. She was showing off at the wedding and we enjoyed the entertainment. The kids love to dance. They have very little inhibition and don't care at all what we say about them... at least for a little while longer. Bennett is generally reserved and very aware of people watching him. He doesn't show off... unless he's on the dance floor! ;) He has this robot dance that he came up with last year in kindergarten and it was a big deal when he showed his teacher "the dance". He's keeping up with the steps because he has already shown his 1st grade teacher his moves. If only I had it on video! I think I could add it.
Initially, I was going to have a big shin-dig in a place away from home, invite tons of friends and family, and party the night away. But it turned out that I just can't plan and make things happen like that. All the great ideas in my head just can't get to reality. I think it's a disease! Plus, I asked Bennett multiple times who all he wanted to come dance and he never did come to any great conclusions other than his entire class (which wasn't happening!). We opted for a much smaller, at home shin-dig. Would that be an ankle-scoop?

He had a couple of boys from his class that got to come as well as cousin Micah. If was a Friday night home football game so the parents went on to that while we danced and ate pizza. It was actually a great time. I enjoyed having just the kids and no adults! We hung up a black light and covered the windows. It was quite fun and the adults seemed to enjoy the glowing just as much as the kids. We borrowed a dance mat that plugs into the TV and watched them attempt to follow along. It's very difficult... for me. They had a great time being completely goofy. We downloaded a bunch of dance-party songs and did the YMCA, Electric Slide, Cha-Cha Slide, Chicken Dance, Hip-hop, and head banging. Actually, Maggie and Curtis did the head banging while I did all the sliding and hopping. We sent the boys home with their very own copy of DJ C's dance mix and a microphone that transmits over the radio. Very cool!
Oh yes, the boys all went home with real "White County" teeth too. My favorite picture is the one of Micah... because the way he poses it actually looks real. And his eyes match... those silly little eyes. His Daddy stayed for the party too. I forgot to mention that. He was supposed to go get some work accomplished while Micah was playing but he was too excited about the black light! He sang a great rendition of Happy Birthday on the radio (with the microphone). What a great Uncle!

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Aunt Leslie said...

And I would just like to thank you for that CD that we have listened to EVERY DAY since receiving it! I would also like to say - PUT YO HANDS UP! :-)

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