Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ruth turns 4...

I finally have some pictures! We had a full day today so we had a special birthday dinner Friday night at Red Lobster. Ruth decided she wanted shrimp... which she was thinking of normal 'ole boiled shrimp. Red Lobster has seasoned shrimp, fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, buffalo shrimp (I feel like I'm Bubba). They don't have plain 'ole boiled shrimp except for their appetizer coctail. We got the popcorn shrimp dinner instead because it had sides and would go further amongst the kids. Turns out they loved the popcorn shrimp and inhaled it. We took a quick trip into Target and she picked out a new hooded Princess towel with a crown on top. She's so easy! We got home late and when I went to put the leftover dinner in the fridge... it was not cold. The fridge, that is. Now, this isn't the first time this particular fridge has left us warm and dripping. Curtis and I both are ready to throw in the towel and just get a new one that works. Well, he talked to a couple of techs and parts stores and took the suspect part to Toccoa, bought a similar part (but not matching) and attached it this afternoon. I am not ready to bring all the food back upstairs. So, for $25 and a short ride to the state line we have a working appliance. Back to Ruth......
Today we had our annual picnic/BBQ with the girls from work. One of our friends has a farm place up in Banks county (about an hour from us) and has a small gathering in the fall each year. Well, almost each year. I took Mom's famous tater salad and baked beans, loaded up the burban, and packed in the kids. They got to ride a horse, fish for mud and grass, and ride in a paddle boat. The girls all made over Ruth for her birthday so she felt special. Bennett was getting really good at casting out his line and finally got it caught in the shoreline bushes. Ruth and I paddled over to the line to unsnag it from the bushes. About the time I reached out for the line a creature jumped into the boat with us. My first thought was that it was a snake. Turns out it was a little bitty fish that should have been used for bait. But it was cute and the kids laughed that I was the only one to catch a fish for the day... AND without a pole and line! :) BTW, I let it go.
We left Homer late in the afternoon to head home for a birthday party for some of our friends. It was a camo party at Strong Rock and the kids had a good time playing. Our friends have two boys who were partying but they let Ruth have her pink cupcake too. Ruth was a good sport and was happy with just a card to open. Avery was quite cute with his camo icing all over his face. I'll have to get some of Corie's pictures since I forgot my camera all day long.
Anyway... that's Ruth's birthday. We'll celebrate with all the cousins next weekend. Grandma's making 6 different cakes. Woo weeeee.

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