Thursday, January 12, 2006

Two Little Princesses Jumping on the Bed!

"I just love my room", Maggie uttered as I was placing new Princess stickers on her wall. "It is so beautiful", she says. The little things that please them so. They are like Pete and Repeat today. Bennett and Curtis went off together so Ruth is doing (and saying) everything like Maggie. Oh, to love your older sister!

Maggie yells as she runs to her room "Come on Ruthie, let's jump some more"... "Ok", she answers with a squeal of delight. We just peered out the window at the Big Brown Truck which brought a salt cellar for the professional chef in the house. That's what the box says! So their bed-jumping was interrupted by the big brown man in the big brown truck. Maggie's room is now turning into a Princess room despite our first intentions. Has the Princess theme always been around or did I just never pay attention before now? Everything is pink and has a Disney Princess on it somewhere... and thus, we MUST have it. I finally got some stickers for her wall and she's elated. I had permission because they are removable stickers and we aren't locked into having Princesses all over the wall for more than a mere second. She got lots of pink stuff for Christmas and birthday too so it seems we're suddenly overwhelmingly PINK. Curtis loves it! :)

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