Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Scrapping Day

Or Croppin' Day... it's a girl thing!
I spent the weekend with my girlfriends in a cabin far, far away! I did take Lydia with me and she so enjoyed the one on one time with her mommy. She told the nursery workers all about it on Sunday. I digress. Back to the cabin.
It rained. A PERFECT cropping day. We sat around the table from sun-up until well into the wee hours of the next day. Didn't miss a thing... except that the ground outside was becoming quite saturated from all the lovely rain. The van sank deeper and deeper into a soft mudpit and not one of us even thought to look.

Well, Saturday night we tried to go to dinner and realized our dilemma. The funniest part (now) is how motivated and intense Anne became. She WAS going to get that van out... and she did. I kept thinking just as soon as those tires catch some solid ground she's getting flung into the lake.

Jill kept thinking just as soon as those tires catch some solid ground she's coming through my windshield.

I searched the basement and found a very small "jump rope" type rope. There were no chains. I thought IF we can get it tied to both vans there is no way it will pull and not snap clean in two pieces. Like I said, Anne was very determined. She tied "four knots" on either end and was very proud of them.
We flung mud everywhere, smoked the tires in the wet grass and made the evening fun instead of the disaster it could have been. I really was concerned that I might be buying Jill a new front end to her van. Apparently, they (the cabin owners) have recently dug a trench for power and/or water lines to a new building next to the cabin. We were unaware that underneath that innocent layer of crabgrass was a mudpit silently awaiting my two front tires. Ah, all I wanted was my two front tires, my two front tires, see my two front tires. Gee if I could only have my two front tires, then we could go and eat some dinner. Gosh oh gee, how happy we would be if.... ok, I digress yet again.
The pictures don't do it justice. If we had only had a video camera we would certainly be the $10,000 winner of America's Funniest Videos!

We finally ate dinner at a lovely hole-in-the-wall "grill" in Hartwell, GA. We laughed until someone wet her pants, but that could have been Lydia! :)

Enjoy our moments of ... (fill in the blank)

By the way, I did get my cruise album completed!

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