Monday, January 16, 2006

MONSTER Trucks...

This past weekend we took the older two kids to the Superbowl of Motorsports Monster Truck show at the Georgia Dome. Now, this is not my ideal of a good time in the big city but the kids had a good time watching the trucks. We went with Curtis' friend Chad, his son Tanner, and his Dad. We, along with 65, 993 other fine folk of GA hooped and hollered as these trucks roared around the floor for 3.5 hours. There were also several thousand folk in town for a Hawks/Wizard game as well as a Boat Show. (Traffic was thick!) The kids were thrilled about going and couldn't take naps in the antiaption. It was 35 degrees and had a wicked wind blowing. We searched for the "perfect" parking spot (Chad was driving) and finally jumped out on a corner so we wouldn't have to walk as far with the kids. After 2 or 3 trucks ran Maggie told me she was ready to go home. She enjoyed what she saw, but was over it within 30 minutes. Her favorite truck was "Cowboy" because it was black. Bennett's favorite truck was "War Wizard" because it had spikes on the back and "it lost a wheel and an axle and it could STILL drive". Apparently that was something that happened on one of my several trips to the potty with Maggie. She wanted to explore after she got bored with her seat. We went on a pretzel and Sprite run too and saw some young men pushing and shoving. I was glad she still had her earplugs in and couldn't hear their words.

This is a picture of one of the motorcycles that put on a mini-show between rounds. This driver is doing a "superman" I think... where they hold onto the seat and fly behind the bike. They did some pretty cool tricks and were in the same corner as our seats so we were able to see really well. Our camera just isn't fast enough to catch them. (if you click on the picture it should pull it up bigger so you can see it better)
It was very loud so we wore our earplugs while the big trucks ran their races. Curtis had a hard time focusing the camera at such close range... but this is about the only picture we got of the kids. There are lots of truck photos... but most are blury. We didn't do the pit pass thing, mostly because we couldn't get there early enough. We left the house shortly after 4pm and were late for the start of the 7:30 show. We had to stop for NY style pizza for Chad and then the traffic coming into town was stop and go after the toll booth on 400 and all the way into town. Good thing Chad and his Dad are TECH grads and know all the backroads and hidden parking spots.

Anyway, Ruth and Lydia got to spend the evening with Grammy and Papa and got quite a bit more sleep than the rest of us! I decided if we return to the Truck show again it will be when Lydia is old enough to enjoy it... so 4 years from now. The Dome was sold out this year so I assume it will only get worse as the years go on... buy now if you want to go! :)

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