Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bedheads all around

I guess the whole point of this blog is to keep you updated with the goings and comings of the family. You can read at your leisure (if you leisure!) and I won't fill your inbox with frequent emails and photos.

It's Saturday morning here at the Davidson house and the kids are still running around with bedheads and PJ's on... and I don't even care! We got up late and had a big breakfast of eggs & bacon for those who can eat eggs, waffles for Ruth. Now they are either playing LeapPads or Barbies... can you guess which ones are doing what? Bennett is very proud of his new airplane he got from his cousin for Christmas... can you tell?

Curtis and the kids got to go ride the Pink Pig just before Christmas. Grammy took them one day I was working. If you don't know... it seems to be an Atlanta tradition from the old Rich's days and now it's at Macy's in Buckhead. The kids enjoyed it and have talked about it several times since.

We took a Christmas trip to PA with the whole Wallace family. Lara found a house in nearby Montrose that we would all fit in comfortably. It was like our summer at the beach all over again, only cold and snowy instead of hot and sandy. Everyone behaved themselves and it really was a good Christmas together. Each year gets more exciting as the kids begin to realize the whole point of it. I couldn't count the number of times we sang "happy birthday" to Jesus over the course of the month. On our way up VA state patrol decided I was driving too fast and gave me a souveniour for our trip. On our way home we stopped in Roanoke to stay the night with a good friend and her family who recently relocated there. It is nice to have a half-way point stopover and be able to use them as a bed and breakfast! :) We may drive to PA more often now! Actually, the kids did tremendously on the trip. We had a DVD for frequent movies and games for when the movies were over. No one complained!

(the above pictures are of Curtis and Bennett sledding)

Alrighty then. Here are some pictures from our trip to PA. I know I'm rambling today as I've been interrupted numerous times by 4 little urchins. There is no real flow to today... it's my first post here so forgive my flight of ideas. Hopefully you can follow them! Let's see... some of these shots are from the Discovery Center in Binghamton, NY, just north of where we were staying. I stayed home that day with Lydia and Grandma. Everyone else got to go play "pretend".

Grandpa was eating something with Briella and Zack. I think Marci was preparing it but we don't know what it was. Maybe one can comment with the answers! :)

Tyler got to take a ride with Grandpa in the firetruck.

Ruth was grocery shopping in this shot.

And this one is Jared, Adam, Maggie, Bennett and Micah doing a newscast on TV. I'm sure they had a great story to tell!

Here's a shot of all 15 grandkids gathered together after Christmas morning mayhem. The shirts were from Grandma (of course) and said "What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's". Go figure! She had to explain it to Em or Mo and used cookies as an example... "see, I could give you cookies anytime and we wouldn't have to tell Mom. It would be our little secret about what happens at my house". I think the conversation went a little like that.

We've been home for over a week and the Christmas stuff is still sitting out. Curtis said it would take him 10 minutes to put it all away, he just didn't say WHICH 10 minutes it would take. The kids are enjoying their new toys. Maggie got several Barbie dolls that she is sharing with Ruth most of the time. Bennett got a really noisy truck from Grandma that I just put new batteries in for some odd reason. He also has a new LeapPad that records his voice and makes a story with whatever words he puts in. Sort of like those OLD games we used to play where we would give so many nouns and verbs and then make a funny story out of them. We had to use pens and paper! He has most enjoyed saying funny words and noises and then see how it makes a crazy story. All 3 of the big kids have been found sitting in his bed and giggling about some funny word he recorded. It seems to have been a good investmentOk then... I guess I should close this particular edition out for the day.

Curtis is still gone. He had to go to a funeral today for a good friend's father. I didn't want to take the kids but it would have been nice to go as well. I hope he's home soon. I have lots of projects for him! :) Oh, speaking of projects I'll have to take a picture of his latest. A new Jeep that he'll be able to take to Tellico and climb the rocks and trails. Bennett is excited about being about to ride in it.. "it won't be as bumpy and you can turn the heater on so I won't be cold". Not like riding on a 4-wheeler all day!

Time for dishes and laundry... or a nap. Hmmmm, let's see!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like wonderful memories for a wonderful family. I am so jealous! Enjoy your times together...we aren't promised any tomorrows.

Anonymous said...

Keep sending these our way~
Isn't God so good!!!
Love you all~
the Baumgardners

jledwards said...

Wonderful family. I come from a family of 14. All of us are grown up now. My parents have passed on and everybody is scattered across the country. I am very fortunate to have been raised in such a big family. I will never forget those wonderful times back in Delmont Pa from the late 1960's through 2004.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I just love reading about the Waltons! uh, I mean the Davidsons! Happy Birthday, Jenny - hope you have a good celebration.

Your family just seems so loved and cared for. You and Curtis have sure done a fine job.

God is smiling and to think that 4 children are growing up with Godly parents who love them and love each other. Good days and bad days - the love remains the same.

Hugs to all. I so need to visit.

Much love.


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