Monday, May 23, 2011

Camping at Vogel - MAY 2011

Our weekend camping trip...
Curtis planned a family trip to Vogel State park for the weekend. The Knott family planned one too... in fact, I think the boys planned them together because our campers were next to each other. We prepared our supplies and Friday (while I was working) Curtis gathered the children from school (early) and headed north. The park is only about 30 minutes from our house so it's an easy place for us to camp. They unpacked and played for the rest of the day while waiting for my arrival ( not too expectantly). At one point, Curtis looked over at the kid's table during a game and realized there were two extra kids. Nick and Alex were camping for their first time with their grandparents, and Will joined us too, but mostly rode bikes with Bennett. Alex (a girl) is Lydia's age and they were fast friends. I was able to arrive about 10 pm, after stopping by the house for last minute items and ingredients for s'mores. They were just finishing their bath time, so I was there to tuck them in! Camping in the camper is great fun for all of us...bedtime is well after dark and morning comes with the sun and birds. There is no need for watches and schedules... unless you're on the beach and need to reapply sunscreen!
Lydia's teacher and her family were also camping this weekend. Their daughter is one of Ruth's friends from school as well. It was a good thing to play with her as well. The Knotts are fun... but they are boys! Sometimes an added girl or two is a good thing for decreased sibling issues. The big kids rode bikes... a ton! Over many trails and paths. The little kids walked a bunch... and rode a little. We drove down to the lakefront for swimming and beach digging. On Saturday they dug a huge hole... which was smoothed flat by the night time tractor. They filed it with water and dug paths and tunnels. Many other children stopped by to give aid. Sometimes it was welcomed. Sometimes the boys just wanted to destroy.
I did get to have some good conversation with Kirsten, Katherine's mom. It's often hard to get to know parents from the brief encounters at school, field trips, parties, PTO, etc. I always hesitate sending my kids to other homes... until I know the parent at least a little. I would rather have them in my home, where I can watch them. :)
Saturday evening the Himstedts came out to eat and play with us. I failed to take pictures this weekend but Maggie took a few during dinner for me. The creek water was FREeZING but the kids enjoyed playing in it anyways. Not me!
Sunday we enjoyed a little more time down at the beach while Curtis packed up the camper. It helps to have all the "helpers" out of the way to make things move a little more quickly.
A fun weekend that went too quickly... but so worth it.

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