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Wallace Family Reunion - June 2011 - Photo Memories

In June, over Father's Day weekend, we took our road trip to Ohio for the Wallace Family Reunion.  It happens every year... we've just recently begun making it a priority to stay involved in all the lives of those cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, and relatives we didn't even know we had!  This post is mostly pictures to help us remember these fun times.
All packed and ready to hit the road.

We travel fast! Stopping at the state visitor centers for picnic lunches and bathroom breaks.  These kids are terrific!

Driving into Cincinnati

OHIO! The last State line before we get there.... this means we're making progress.  Plus, the sunlight is fading and we're losing play time.

Ruth found a cozy spot up in the loft of our cabin. The kids slept up there while Curtis and I took the one bed.  :)
Lydia's sweet face
Maggie tries out the kiddie swing  :)

Bennett spent much of his time on his bike. 
This campground is great for bikes as the whole thing is FLAT! 

Cousin Andy Manlove and his family

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Norman Manlove, relaxing under the trees.

Trena and her pooch keeping cool on the porch

Grandpa Nelson... enjoying the conversation with his siblings

Daddy.... keeps an eye on the kids

Lydia enjoys some watermelon

Cousin Nick Manlove... yep, that's him!

Cousin Gretchen Williams - she lives behind this lens.

Cousin Scott Manlove gives Maggie "the eye".

Our little cabin - better than a tent, cheaper than pulling a camper! Plus, it has air conditioning, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a porch to hang wet towels.  

The kids got to fill water balloons. Macey, Bennett and Maggie working hard on keeping them from breaking before finding someone to tie them. They ended up wetter than their targets.

The kids had great game times with cousin Phyllis Manlove... here she gives Bennett a little of what he deserved! 

Noodle Wars - Maggie hands off her weapon to her partner Lindsey.

Bennett goes after this random boy who wanted to play along. In fact, those two boys in the background were also neighboring campers who just wanted to play along with all the kids.  Fun times!

Mr. Big Stuff...

Ruth, Charlie, Bennett, Lindsey face off... well, Charlie and Bennett were on the same team, so he was just supervising.

Phyllis - the Game Guru!

Uncle Mike and Aunt Linda Wallace

Ruth is enjoying her water balloon look... I love this toothless smile!

Lindsey and her bead frog... another great craft idea from Phyllis

Bennett created a Jeep
Pretty impressive
Bennett created a Jeep.

Super Gretchen!

Cousins... Carlos Gonzales and Wayne & Donna Wallace 

Uncle Mike - Cousin Tom

Grandma Jody talks with Bennett and Charlie

Tesa and Eric

Cousin Katrina Gonzales

Tesa and Holly - sisters, crazy cousins on mine.

A more serious photographic moment from Tesa and Holly

Cousin Dave Wallace
Swim time in the lake with Ruth

Bennett and Daddy discuss the techniques of a proper cannonball

And this is how you do it!

Swim time in the pool with Lydia and cousins Olivia and Grace

Cheerleader Lydia

Cousin Becky Colley

Bennett and Dave were being serious here... then ole Gretchen sticks her head in the middle.  :) Love this family!

Grandma and Katrina

The coolest Cousin Stacy Wallace!

And then the camera got into the hands of the 6 year old, Lydia!

A BEAUTIFUL self portrait

the loft of the cabin

Looking for the 4 leaf clover... for big money.  Charlie found it.

Charlie Williams and his winning 4 leaf clover.

Phyllis and Macey Manlove

Breakfast by the Manlove boys

Nick - in charge of the pancakes

Bennett, Ruth and Lydia enjoy their breakfast

Jason - the bacon man

Clint ---> Eggs!

And then we eat it all.... Tesa - syrup happy!

Seriously, these girls are normal and fun.

Macey and Corban Manlove

Holly Renee brings out the best in all of us

Aunt Nancy didn't know I was taking a self portrait

More Lydia

Smiles from Grandpa!

Aunt Terri Thompson

Lydia and a new friend Madison

Cousin Katrina Gonzales... we still claim her.

More Grandpa smiles

Love these eyes.

Tesa & Eric

Holly and Aunt Terrie... probably discussing Holly's upcoming mission trip

Love the Family love!

Time around camp on a golf cart - creates a breeze and a smile!

Uncle Dan was able to drive into town for dinner.

Olivia Gonzales

The Gonzales crew... with Aunt Terrie too.

Lydia got a good smile out of Wayne!

Cousins Nathan Thompson and Holly Wallace

Mom and Katrina

Most of the kids... 

Always good for a silly face shot

Minute to Win It games.... Charlie Vs Ruth - shaking the tic-tacs

Lindsey VS Jenny - dice stacking

Curtis VS Stacy - picking up keys... he has 4 left to her 1 and still ended up winning

Bennett VS Katrina - cup stacking

Cousins... Holly, Sarah, Stacy, Katrina, Jenny

Ruth and Nathan working on their game

Maggie had to sort colors... she won!

Daddy works on dropping the ball through the hole.
Ruth - flicking the can with a rubber band

Wayne shines his light in the camera for a cool effect.

And that's the end... the end of another weekend with great family.  We missed seeing many cousins and aunts and uncles. Uncle Jeff was sick and in the hospital, so he and Aunt Trudy, along with their kids, didn't make the trip. Uncle Mike wasn't feeling well either and had to leave early. Lara, Rob and Seth didn't get to come. We hope next year it will work out for everyone to come. It certainly is worth the time, effort and money. We love them all!  Until next summer.  

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