Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Photo Post

I went to dinner with my friends Kelli and Rebecca. PF Changs. I always want to go there and typically get vetoed. You can see the bowl of cherries. Rebecca can tie the stems in a knot. Kelli and I can not knot. She asked for a bowl full of cherries so we could practice. It was kind of funny. Our server, Miranda then said she and her friend were going to practice as well because she wanted to learn how to do that. Interesting talent. 

Kelli was really concentrating on tying that stem!

Out front with the PF Changs' horse.
Grandma's crazy hair creation. 

Crazy hair by Grandma.

Pictures by little people.

Grandma... posing for special picture time. Upside down on purpose.

Ruth and Grandma

Grandpa... captured by a little person.

Ruth's early morning, before school face.

School really wears a kid out!

Waiting the the pick-up line for Bennett & Maggie

April Fool's Day joke... by Ruth.  

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