Friday, June 11, 2010

Lydia's 5th Birthday Week

Our baby turned 5 today. The baby is no longer a baby. She is officially a big girl. She'll start school in the fall (which is no longer fall, but August). Her sponge will soak more than we can throw at her. Everyone keeps asking what we're going to do once they're all in school. Honestly, I hope to get caught up on life at home that we've neglected for the past 10 years because... being with the kids, playing, watching movies, going on bike rides, snuggling... neglecting the house... that's what we've done! I'll never get the snuggle years back again, so I'm taking advantage of them now. Then I'll go to the schools and bother the teachers with my ever-present presence! ;) They'll love it!

She got her hair cut off into a cute little summer do. Ms. Shirley does a good job with short hair and the girls enjoyed being all dolled up!

Elizabeth Himstedt and Lydia have birthdays close together. We share just about all our friends... so we also share birthday parties.
Here Ruth, AJ Hicks and cousin Tyler watch while Lydia and Elizabeth prepare to take out the fire breathing Barbie!

Elizabeth's mom, Corie made the cake again this year. Same design as last year but this year's Barbie has a pleated skirt!! :)

Here's Lydia shows off her birthday outfit and her birthday booster seat. She graduated into the bigger booster because she's 5, not because she grew or gained weight!
After our Thursday night dinner party we took Friday to the Frances Meadows Aquatic Center to swim, slide, squirt, splash, float, and otherwise have fun as a family. We have never been there before so it was all new and exciting to each of us. Lydia thought the sun was bright and hot! I wonder why I don't have them wear sunglasses all the time since I always insist on wearing mine. That sun sure does hurt!
Grandma Jody found these perfect little goggles for her face! She decided she couldn't swim at all unless she had them on. Love those Grandfolks!
Micah and Bennett paired up for most of the time we were there... at least Micah cooperated with my picture taking! They did a bunch of swimming indoors where the diving board was located... and 10 feet of water instead of the 3-4 feet of lazy river. They are such good buddies... always wanting to be together.
Grandma and Grandpa gave Lydia her Webkinz cats. She has no Webkinz account yet so this will be fun for her to create and play with the other 3.

Other random photos from recently.... Meg Jennings' birthday party... Star Wars theme. Ruth on the far left, Lydia on the far right. Bennett and Maggie in the back as a Pod Racer and Darth Vader.

Also found in this photo... Amelia Himstedt and Meg Jennings... preparing to fight the force with Ruth.

Elliott Hicks, Sydney Baumgardner, Shannon Himstedt... with Lydia.

Alex Anne Jennings hangs with the Pod racer and Carsen Baumgarder befriends Darth Vader!

The kids before leaving for the party... Pod Racer dude, Padme (Queen Amadala), Princess Leah, Darth Vader.
Curtis' 20 year high school reunion, at Will and Shelley Heffner's home.

Paul Wright and Curtis were tossing the kids in the pool.

David and Kristi Kennedy are sitting in the background with Elan.
Throwing Anderson Kennedy while Lisa Myers looks on from the sidelines.

Bennett so enjoys the swimming. : ) Really, he does.

Maggie donated her ponytail to Locks of Love... the little girls followed suit with the same chopped hairdo. And now they all are very cute!

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