Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Camp Time

June... summer vacation. Sleeping in. Swim days. Playgroup. Staying up late. Riding bikes. Going places. Seeing family. Getting dirty. Staying up later. Watching movies. Grilling out. Sleeping in later.
Very little routine. Sounds good... but makes return to routine hard. But for now... we enjoy!
Lydia gets a week of Camp Grandfolk in Griffin while the other 3 (and Mom) get a week of camp Strong Rock. The big kids were second guessing their choice of camps when Lydia packed up and headed south. She got to go first, by a whole day... which somehow is just not fair to those who get to go to Strong Rock... whatever! I'm not sympathetic! Plus, they'll get their week later in the summer. Grandma had to show Maggie on the calendar that she was already written in... in order to ease her sorrow!

Lydia was spoiled, as Grandfolks typically do. They ate out several meals. Picked blueberries. Made a tent in the living room. Watched movies. Watched more movies. Then went to see Toy Story 3 in the theatre! A big event around here. When Lyd mentioned going to see it... the other 3 immediately knee-jerked a reaction of "what? no fair!!" It was actually amusing to hear how they somehow missed out on some great world event.

Camp Strong Rock... wow, what can I say?!?! If only every kid could have the opportunity to go. I know it isn't possible and it isn't even some kid's cup of tea... but it sure is loads of fun. I think I had as much fun (and more) than some of the campers. I want to be a counselor and act goofy and dress up like an oompa loompa. Me thinks me too old! So, I was the camp nurse for the week and I prayed (how I prayed) for no serious injuries or illnesses. The campers were just fine with some stings, chiggers and belly aches. The adults, on the other hand... weren't so accommodating for me. We had a serious burn in the kitchen and a sprained ankle one night and a couple others who just liked visiting me on a regular basis. No kids sent to the doctor. Nobody had to call 911. I was very thankful when Friday morning arrived and the parents were again responsible for their own offspring!
Bennett, Maggie and Ruth ALL got to go this year (hence the mother working as the camp nurse!). Bennett and Maggie were already on the Waya tribe so we were looking forward to maybe mixing up the house with a little Awahili as well. Only, Ruth drew the red chip which made her Waya too. Double U, A-Y-A, A-Y-A, A-Y-A, double U! (repeat until hoarse) They had a fun week. All were on horseback at different class times, we had drumline, dance, drama, tumbling, riflery, swimming, arts and crafts, and super science between the 3 of them. They were together for a couple classes but most of the time they were on their own. I tried to spend most of my time up at the lodge and away from their classes... even though I really wanted to see what they were doing. I did walk down to the barn one day to check on a reported eye injury (which was B's) and the horse lady announced my arrival and told him to sit up straight so I could take a good picture. So much for being sneaky! :) I got to watch the nightly games on the field, which was a ton of fun. I think my favorite to watch was the Oompa Loompa candy game because the oompa loompas were stinking hilarious. Google kept saying "I love ze yellow candy" in his crazy accent over and over. Dill had some character with a wooden owl on his shoulder. Where do they come up with these things?? The costumes and accessories they acquire over the summer... who knows where they come from.!.
There was more to this post, and pictures. Eventually I will get them added. But Jill reminded me tonight (AUGUST 26!) that I had still not posted anything. So here goes...
The week was exceptionally fun for all of us. Lydia spent her week at Camp Grandma (and Grandpa) in Griffin while Curtis hung out around the home and accomplished what he could. It was too hot to do too much work. Grandma took Lydia on several special outings to dinner, Toy Story 3, shopping, my old elementary school, and more dining. Grandpa tagged along too, even though Lydia often gave him a cold shoulder. I think they enjoyed learning some of Lydia's personality traits. They baked cakes together and played in the living room card table tent. I stole some of her pictures to chronicle they week.
Feeding the deer with Grandpa was a nightly adventure. We even got to see her come eat the corn while we were visiting later.

Visiting with Dr. Mike... Grandma and Grandpa's chiropractor.

Lydia's making a gum train with all the packs from Grandma. This is at Upscale Pizza... yum!

Back together again! It's a long week without the baby.

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