Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring in the land of Cleve.

Spring has sprung and at times it seems to have left... only to be reminded again with all the yellow haze around here. For several days we were 80 degrees... then we spend days dipping into the low 40's. And then we wonder why everyone has this issues with head colds. It's hard to dress the kids in the mornings because by afternoon they are sweating. The pollen has been horrendous this year and I can tell by the puffy little eyes around here, the coughs, and the sneezes. A few more weeks and we should be good.
The girls have decided to be really big helpers in the kitchen. They love to dress the part, make menus, take orders and then help be wait staff. I don't have to set the table anymore. One day soon, they'll be washing the dishes too. Once that happens... woo wee!! :)
Ruthie's kindergarten class recently took a field trip to a nearby state park. We enjoyed perfect weather. Sunshine and warm temps. We hiked around the lake, listened to the park ranger's speeches about safety and bears. We had a grilled hot dog lunch with all the kids and parents then we visited the waterfall. I'm surprised none of the kids went home wet with as much "exploring" as they did. Lydia went with us and was a great hiker. She may be ready to start school in August after all!
Here are a couple of Ruth's friends from class.
We still miss having Cheyenne in the class. She is one of her friends who had several strokes back in March and is still in the hospital. We pray for her daily and are waiting to see what God has in store for her family. Right now, they wonder too. We don't see the good. We don't see the reason. But we do trust that there, in the big picture, is a reason for God's glory to shine through Cheyenne, her family, and her friends.
Acorn thumbs!
All for now.

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Bella Michelle said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! I went with the little man's class on Tuesday for field trip and am so glad I could go. Fun time!!!!

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