Monday, April 05, 2010

Resurrection Sunday

This year Easter fell on Sunday. It made for a busy day, but it was fun. Ok, I know Easter's always on Sunday. It was a terrific day. As late as we all got to bed on Saturday night the kids all got up happy Sunday morning. This was partly due to the fact the kids knew we were driving to Griffin. Griffin... where Grandma lives. Grandpa lives there too but he doesn't elicit as many cheers and requests as the lady of the house. :) We made it to early service at church, captured a few family and kid photos and then headed south. We made it to the house before Grandma and Grandpa got home from church so we prepared as much of the food as possible and tried to get more kid pics. They have a lovely green yard... but the old white van doesn't prove a very pretty backdrop.
Being at Grandma's is relaxing. I guess that's because I can't do my laundry and clean my house while I'm there. It's nice to just sit around and talk, drink coffee on the porch, watch the kids play, take a nap, or whatever we want.

Rob and Stacy brought the boys by and we were able to visit a little before it got late and we had to head home. They climbed the water oak tree. They swung with Aunt Stacy. They rode the 4 wheeler pulling the little trailer. Even though the kids are on spring break from school... I had to go to work.

So, the day is done. The visiting is over. The trip home was quiet. They all fell asleep shortly after hitting the interstate.

And now we get back to the laundry. The piles of laundry. The piles of winter clothes that need to be packed away and the piles of summer clothes and need to be put away.

Here are the kids' individuals pictures... at least the best I could get.
So, this will be a short post. All the other pictures will have to wait. Duke just barely beat Butler... and at this point I think many people were pulling for Butler regardless of what all the brackets looked like. Would have been nice for the underdog. Maybe next year. For now... the Madness is over.
Good night!

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