Friday, April 09, 2010

More Pics

There were a couple of good pictures I wanted to share from our Easter in Griffin.

Here's Lydia... stopping while I snapped. She likes this look and will give it to you often. A very soft smile, yet not enough to make her eyes narrow.

Grandma sat through several shutter snaps and tolerated most of it. I changed the lighting/settings and thought this was a good one of her. Almost natural. :) The lighting, I mean. We were enjoying a very strong pot of coffee at the time. It was late evening and the sun was behind the house. I have a better shot of her too... maybe I should add that one here....

I love how this one shows Stacy's interaction with Lydia. I'm sure there was a story to be told and sometimes the words are difficult to understand. But Aunt Stacy is the BEST!! She was elected to go push the swing when we first went outside and she did with such a sweet attitude. I'm sure she would have liked to sip coffee on the porch too. But this way I got to take some good pictures!

Ruth stood still for just a second while I was turning my dials.
I like the way you can still see the green of Mom and Dad's yard, but it's just an accent color.
I like this one better of her.
The angle of the camera.
The bokeh/bokah of the background.

Not so sure about the red bow with the pink shirt though. :) At least it matched her dress earlier.
I like this face of Tyler. Had I taken the time, I would have cropped Ruth out and just left Tyler. He looks so much like his dad here...
It's just a look Rob would give.
Yes, I AM the bomb!
All the girls want to ride with me.
I am Tyler!

and it's all true.

Here's one of Zack that's especially cute because of the story that goes with it. I think he really felt he was in trouble with his Uncle Curtis...
He had been driving his younger siblings and cousins on this wagon/trailer and got going a little faster than acceptable. Well, Uncle Curtis told him to sit so he could feel what it was like to get bounced around too fast. Of course, he sat! He's obedient like that and he knows better than to argue with his "elder". But there was slight fear in his eyes and his tone that he wasn't quite sure it was going to be a good ride. Of course, Uncle Curtis didn't do anything bad or hurt him in any way... but the fear was there for a brief second.
And here's a rare smile from aforementioned Uncle.
There was an OLD picture of us on Grandma's counter where he had a big, natural smile and I mentioned that was before he got all grumpy. And Grandma said... just yesterday the cousins were over and one of them mentioned that Uncle Curtis was smiling. He does smile. Just rarely for a camera.
What's up with that?



Mommy-in-SC said...

Excellent picture of your Mom!!!

Sweet Inlow's said...

Wonderful pictures Jenny - good work. The one of your precious Lydia...fabulous one of your Mom, and Stacy is lovely. And Curtis should smile more often. If I may tell a story about one time when I was @ your mom and dad's with you. Your mom asked (told!) us to pull weeds, which even in my early 20's, I had never done. Yes, you read that correctly. Anyway, I said, "which ones are the weeds?" Once every one picked their teeth up off the ground you and your mom very sweetly explained to me. Now, I don't know what y'all said about me later... ;-)

Bella Michelle said...

Great shots!!!!

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