Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hey - It's March 4th!

In case you weren't sure of the current timeline... my friend just reminded me that it's March 4th. The funny (odd) thing is that I was actually logging into blogger to post a post, blog a blog, make a comment... and she reminds me how long it's been since I have done such things. So, here I am. Once again, the wee hours of the morning. I worked the past two days and I should be tired. Really I am, but it's quiet here- except for Jay's ridiculous ramblings in the background.

The month of February was spent (for me) concentrating on completing the girls' school's yearbook. This is the 3rd year I have done this. Somehow, I agreed to work on it and found that each year it gets easier - so it just makes sense to continue to do it as long as I can... especially since I'll be at that school for 3 more years (maybe 4 if Lydia doesn't get on the ball soon!). The first year I managed to do most of it on my own, between kids and work and life. I think something happened to my brain and I can't get that much accomplished alone anymore. Last year I took a week off work (yea!) and compiled pictures and pages and got it finished. It wasn't bad. This year, I took off TWO weeks of work (yea yea!) and had very few of my own pictures, very little time devoted until February, and bothered the teachers and staff repeatedly. You'd think I could get to the school and take needed pictures with just Lydia left at home. I have done very little at the school compared to years past. Ruthie's Kindergarten class just isn't the "hey come in and play/read/visit" kind of class. I don't think I've been off work for ANY of her field trips. Curtis gets to go... but it's just not the same. Maggie's class is all business too. Her teacher is very welcoming... but there's just not much you can do with the class other than read occasionally and help with their parties (which I've done). I know most of the kids in her class from years previous so it's lots of fun for me to be there and call them by name. After having spent 2 weeks in the school, each day more kids will smile and say good morning to me. Some even wave their little "I hope my friends don't see me talking to an adult" wave. I love being able to study their class lists and remember some names. Calling a kid by name is cool. And it surprises them! Makes them feel special... or worried. There's a girl from Maggie's 1st grade class that I still call Bob, and she calls me Fred. It's a thing we started. I couldn't tell you her real name. I don't think she'd like it anyway. Well, the yearbook is complete. Mailed it on Friday. Got an email today that it arrived at the publisher by the due date! That's a huge weight lifted!! The pressure mounts as I finalize all the lists, photos, names, pages... to make sure no face is seen too many times, to ensure all classes are represented, to hurt as few feelings as possible. There are always those "UGH" moments when I remember I forgot to include something I intended on including 1,593 times and still forgot. After it hits the UPS truck I remembered I never got that office staff shot I wanted. Ms. Debbie is happy about that but the kids won't be. I also remembered I forgot to go through an entire folder of photos I had saved. That's not such a big deal... but still reminds me of how old and forgetful I am. So, now we wait for May to arrive and the big brown truck will deliver 7 boxes of colorful, friend filled pages for each child to remember their year. I hope it lives up to their expectations! P.S. If anyone needs a yearbook company for next year I HIGHLY recommend the Memory Book Company.
We've had a "ton" of snow this winter. I have a couple photos somewhere. I was home for one day but the kids were unmotivated to be frozen popsicles even for their Mom. I tried to get the girls to sled down our neighbors hill... but by the time we accomplished getting dressed and over there... well, there was very little snow left. We have snow on the ground now and they were out of school the past 2 days... but they must be done with being snow happy because Curtis said they didn't go out at all. I was stuck at work. Doesn't do much for happy kids in the snow pictures.

Ruth lost her first tooth... a month ago. You can read all about it on my friend's blog since she did a better job with writing about it. We were celebrating Rob's 40th birthday while she was knocking out the tooth with a rock hard brownie from the Easy Bake Oven.

Ruth also had her long-awaited kindergarten performance for the family/friends. She was very cute... of course. She sang every song, did all the motions and had general love for the stage and attention. She also had a speaking line and did so quite well. :) Both sets of grandparents were able to be there... which made it all the more special for her. She tends to steal the hearts of those around her. Ask Grandpa Nelson about his little friend who now calls prunes - pru-ins, just like him. And she thinks that's correct! I'm not telling her otherwise.

This past weekend we participated in the Challenged Child 5k. Curtis and the big kids ran/walked while the little girls and I cheered at the finish line. I took the kids in year's past but this year we wanted to all go together... and my bum leg won't allow me to actually go the distance right now. Lame excuse, but I can't do it. I refuse to be too old or too crippled to play with my kids! I fell in the driveway the next day playing football with Bennett and busted my tail. As we all know... it takes a lot longer to recover as we age. He laughed at me... in case anyone doubted.

Here's my star runner. She really does enjoy it and seems to do well, without complaint!
I just love this picture.

Lydia sang with her preschool choir a week (or so) ago. She was horribly grumpy the first hour but had fixed her heart and sang with a smile for the second service.

She is working on her motivation. Being the 4th child is often, um... well, she's very self-focused and does what she needs to make sure she's the top. We try working on pre-school material to help prepare her brain. She doesn't like to answer, even if she knows. "Lydia, sing me your ABC's"... a,b,f, oh I can't know them, she replies. I've a few spies who are trying to quiz her regularly as her performance is often enhanced by attention from friends. Dawn can get her to J without too much difficulty. :) Kindergarten registration is in 2 weeks and the teachers are going to wonder what I've done wrong!

Mom came to stay with the kids over Valentine's weekend. We had an adult dinner at church. She's convenient sometimes and the kids sort of like her. Dad was in PA keeping all the Rose kids... Mom was here. Good thing they're retired! :)
She has to come back for a WEEK in April and do it again because...

Next month Curtis and I get to go on a cruise with other couples from church... as long as his passport arrives! It better get here.

This is from our Valentine dinner at church. It was a snowy night outside but obviously warm inside.

I can't believe I just found the folder of all my Christmas pictures. I guess another post should follow soon.


Bella Michelle said...

That is just how I roll! I am the kind of gal that makes your remember just how behind you are and how busy things are and how quickly time is, I am such a winner! LOL

SUE said...

Love reading about your family. I don't know how you do it all. You are super mom.

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