Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Christmas Story

Here is a Christmas photo of the family. We didn't do adults this year... just the grandkids. We didn't even do the color coded thing either.


front row: Tyler, AnnaGrace, Esther, Ruth, Titus, Briella.

middle row: Grandma, Bennett, Adam, Micah, Jared, Grandpa.

back row: Emily, Maggie, Zach, Marci, Lydia.

Ok, there's a story that I caught on film (really, film?) and I wanted to share it with you.
It was a beautiful Christmas day... as you can see. With 15 of those things running around we had sent them all outside to play for a while. What started with a bunch of boys "playing" football... turned into more of a wrestling match... which then pitted cousin against cousin.

Never a good thing to pit cousins against cousins!

So then they had to chose sides.

Was it girls against boys?

It may have started that way.

But Esther was NOT having everyone pile up on Micah - so she defected to the boy side.

Everyone sizing up the enemy...
Titus and Maggie squaring off. The faces are for real. They are not messing around. You are on the wrong side of the line in the sand Mister!

Jared comes over to take her down. (In my best asian accent) "you killa my brudder... now you die"

This doesn't look too bad. He's still holding a weapon. She has two hands. Surely she can hold her own!

Jared's One Armed Take Down! yes, she's going down!
Trying to hold on to hope. Titus coming in... just in case!

Gloom, despair and agony on me.


You see... the problem wasn't that Jared was stronger and beat her. The problem can be found on her right knee. Mud! Dirt, moisture, etc. Not happy about being dirty.

That's my story for the night.

There is a final picture.

Restitution was quickly made and they were once again playing. See, she even let Micah walk next to her.
Cousings are awesome!


Sweet Inlow's said...

Love, love, love this entry. Way to go Jenny. :)

Bella Michelle said...

Y'all always look like you have the best times (well, minus a bit of pink drama and tears, of course!).

Mama D! said...

We do Michelle... we do!
15 kids within 10 years always leads to something worth documenting!! :)

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