Friday, March 19, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things... in no particular order

March Madness! I love creating brackets with my friends and then comparing what good guessers we end up being. I think this started with my brother-in-law, Danielson... who is always up for a little competition. And my long-lost friend in Virginia invites me each year. And this year we did one with our Strong Rock friends, except that it wasn't very many. I have 3 brackets running... 3 very different brackets. My first attempts (very little thought) is 1st of 3. The second (even less thought) is 6th of 7. And my VA one is 3rd of 3... I always lose to Michelle. It's just part of the process. I'm ok with that! It was also "auto-fill" this year because I had run out of time and couldn't pick with thoughtfulness. So, we'll blame the popular pick auto-fill bracket on the people. The voting public. Yeah, not MY fault!

Salad! Curtis made this salad for us several weeks ago. He was proud of his creation and took pictures as he was making it and while the kids were eating (or pretending to eat). He grilled chicken with yummy seasonings and then chopped it all up in bite sizes. We had salad again this week and I lined up all the ingredients in their own little bowls and let the kids do their own creating. Kind of like a Ruby Tuesdays salad bar... only smaller, and at our home, and cheaper. And we have no sneeze guard or handy little cleaner-upper dude who wipes away your spills. But it was almost the same! Maggie, who didn't like green peppers last night, put green peppers all in hers and liked to pair them up with her grape tomatoes. Speaking of tomatoes.... well, nevermind. I'm sure we don't want to be reminded of how expensive they are and 10 years from now when I read this I'll scoff at my own discontent at $5 tomatoes. And they were organic, bright red and delicious!!

Legos! I like to see the creativity Legos brings out in the kids. They are always so proud of what they can come up with and even surprise me by taking their own pictures so when I check the SD card I find them. Bad sentence grammar. I hope you can follow that thought train.

Babies! I have never denied loving babies. This week, I especially love my own littlest baby. She registered for Kindergarten. She's not ready but I guess the teachers have to have SOMETHING to do in the fall. I'm hoping she can at least learn her letters (just saying them) before August. She still skips a few groups and ends in a very dramatic, operetta style X-Y-ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! One morning I walked in the door after dropping the kids off a school and she was just crawling out of bed. I just sat down in the middle of the kitchen and scooped her into my lap to snuggle all that warmness and morning scents she exudes. I squished her. She giggled. And then we had breakfast. Less than 5 months left to enjoy this baby like this.
We also have a friend who is very sick this week. She's six. It makes me sad to think her parents' world has just been rocked. How do you cope when your baby is in ICU and you can do nothing to help her? She's six. It's makes me sad that my Ruth is having to deal with a friend this ill. She's six. And then it scares me as a mother to think this could possibly happen any day to any one of my own kids. Thank you Jesus for health and protection, no matter how long it lasts. She's six. SIX!

Cousins! This weekend we have a cousin in the house. And it's not even the usual cousin. This one is MY cousin and she brought her whole family all the way from Illinois just to see us! Ok, well it wasn't JUST to see us... but at least they're staying with us. They have an 8 year old girl, like Maggie. They have a 6 year old boy, like Ruth. They have a 14 month boy, like Lydia. Wait... Lydia's physically older than that! :) We're going to the American Girl store, Build a Bear, and BabyLand General. We 're also going to eat food... food that Jody cooked. You remember her? She's my mother and she wanted to make chocolate sheet cake for Tim. So she cooked all day and is going to bring it up and serve us after a long day at the mall. Pictures soon, I'm sure.

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