Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September News - photos added

I really can't believe that this is already September. I have lots of things to share from August and no time to sit and write. I guess I could sit and write after the kids are in bed... but then my brain is a bit slower and my eyes a bit heavier. The big kids have had an entire month of school and so far things are plugging along. Ruthie got her "clip moved" twice the very first week... but has since settled into the routine and is learning to be still and listen. :) Bennett even has had a few issues with listening to instructions and doing what he's supposed to. Surprising to us... yet, not really. He has a difficult time doing what we tell him here at home because he always has a better idea, reason, plan, distraction, etc. And... much to my surprise, Maggie has been the perfect little student thus far. At least as far as we know. :) Surprised because in the past two years she has been the one to bring home the notes for misbehaving. Maybe she's growing into a fine young lady.
This past weekend we had our first bout of real illness. Curtis was home alone and ended up at the doc's office... with strep in the middle children. I was away with the ladies in our church at the Women of Faith conference... and he was home with febrile girls. I'm thankful he doesn't get all worked up over things like that. And I also didn't have to worry that they weren't being cared for and medicated as needed.
Speaking of WOF... we had a great time. It was a new group of ladies... well, a lot of new faces. With a church the size of ours it takes something like this to meet new people and learn a little about them. I don't get to go to the women's classes because of my own involvement teaching Sunday school, Cubbies/Puggles, helping with preschool choir, working, etc. This year, though, I have given up ALL responsibilities at church and maybe I'll get to do some of those "grown up" things again... at least for a year. :)
I have some fun photos to get loaded here... sooner or later. My Mom went with me again and it's always fun to spend some time away from the kids with her. As a GRANDMA she can't say "no" to them... so when they interrupt our games and conversations.... well, it's good to be away.
She got to meet Sandi Patty in the elevator of our hotel. SP was often a visitor in our home growing up... on the LP, CD, and tape players. I was "tortured" by having to listen along at the conference... :).
Steven Curtis Chapman also sang at the WOF conference. He's always good, but this year he displayed a more emotional side (with the loss of his daughter) instead of the stand up and dance songs. I have video to insert here -->Both his boys were playing on this tour... bass and drums.

Soccer is now running full swing. All 4 practice on Tuesdays and Thursday but soon Bennett will start playing games on Monday and Saturday... making for a very busy few weeks. But before we're ready, it'll be over and we'll once again sit at home wondering where we can go and what we can do. :)
More soccer pictures here -->

Must go nap for work... will load pictures in the next day or so, but not right now!!
BTW... both kitties now have new homes. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of soccer.

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Corie said...

Hey, I've got a great way you guys can spend Thursday evening! Ask me about it sometime, I'll fill you in. :)

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