Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Whole New View

The big girls and I went last week to get our eyes rechecked. It's been a year since Ruth and I got our glasses and it was time to reassess. Maggie has also been complaining about everything being blurry and had many school induced headaches last spring. We were checked and the doc said we all needed new scripts (of course). Mine haven't changed that much, but I could tell they weren't quite right as I wore them so I'm happy to pay for new lenses! Ruth, now that she's older, can verbalize her level of blurriness a little better... so her lenses are actually worse, but only because she knows how to tell him what she sees better. Maggie has a reading issue and hopefully after a couple years, will grow out of her lens need. She also needs to train herself to sit with her reading further away from her face.
We picked up Maggie and my glasses last week but we had to wait a week for Ruth's to come in.
Here's the picture of the girls tonight... mostly for Grandma. :)

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Lara said...

Thank you!! Girls, you are beautiful :) Hugs from Aunt Lara!

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