Saturday, August 15, 2009

School Begins Again...

We started school on August 7th... a Friday. It wasn't "real" school, as the girls informed me later that day. REAL school didn't start until Monday. I tend to agree with them on this one. Bennett is now in 3rd grade and started a new school... the Intermediate School, which houses 3-6 grades. It's a new experience and so far it's ok. Our very next door neighbor is a teacher there and is a good resource when we need information. His teacher is the "wicked witch" of 3rd grade. Her words, not ours! We heard from many people that she was the one to challenge and grow the kids. That's what we wanted for Bennett. His 2nd grade year was a bit, um... well, less than challenging! We've got some ground to make up. We have high hopes for him. He has many of his same friends in his class again this year. It seems they many travel in this group for a while. His boy friends that we like! :) Ethan, Nick... soccer buddies too and the ones who came and played in the mud at the beginning of summer.
Maggie is in 2nd grade and we have a new (recommended) teacher for her. Another of the more structured teachers at the primary school. Maggie is pleased and I'm thankful for stuff to do with her at home. She is suddenly reading quite well. I put on her goals for the year to become a more fluent and animated reader, as opposed to the Dick & Jane cadence. Then she sat on the couch tonight and read a couple books to her siblings and it was like she was on stage and was telling a story. It surprised me. So now I'm sure her teacher thinks I'm a dork for not knowing she can read so well. It was sudden I tell ya!! :)
Ruth started Kindergarten... FINALLY!! She's been waiting forever to get to go to school. She wants to do it all alone, buy her lunch, walk in alone, ride the bus, etc. She's going to be bored soon. She has a great, sweet teacher that we met during spring soccer season. Her daughter was on the same team as Ruth's and is now in the same K class together. They meet up each morning to say hello and check what's new. Ruth wants to be Ruthie at school so I'm trying to get used to writing that on all her stuff. She has already gotten in trouble twice this first week, had to move her card to yellow. She quickly confessed as she's stepping onto the front porch when she got home. After a few questions and many explanations... she's finished her work and is playing while she waits for her classmates. But she's blaming Dixie, another little girl, for causing her to play and talk. Then she grins and I'm supposed to stay serious and discipline appropriately. I was glad Curtis stepped in because he can keep a straight face when necessary. She's terribly cute!
So, the first week has been successful for the most part. Homework was mostly completed. Reading was mostly read. Lunches were mostly eaten.
Bennett also started soccer practice so fall running has begun.
I love it!

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