Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kid's Musical Production - CBC 2009

The school aged kids had their musical performance this past weekend. They've practiced for several months for the big day. A ton of work went into it... by the kids, the teachers, and the artistry team. I'm pretty sure that team was mostly my friend Anne. She's an amazing painter girl.

In the group shots... Maggie is front row to the right. Bennett is almost directly behind the microphone. The thing about these kid's plays... the production of it all is good, but the production of it all also takes away from capturing the moments on film. The lighting is always difficult for good camera shots (too much spotlight, not enough good light) and there are microphones in front of all their little faces. It's important to hear them... but difficult to see them. But I digress...

Maggie is the performer and is the whole reason we take them to Wednesday night practice. It ends up being a late night in the middle of the school week, but she loves to sing too much to squelch that joy. So, we go. And by default, Bennett goes as well. He isn't much for the class or the singing or the attention. In fact, it took many weeks to even get him to go into the class. Our friend, Brian, encouraged him to participate and pretty soon he was willing to go. He ended up enjoying the time and belted out every song. He even learned the parts that weren't his... along with many of the other kids. Now he likes singing in the choir and thinks he may do it forever. :) We'll see!

This is one of our friends, Jaelen. (See previous post) She had a solo while the boys were surfin'... and did a great job. Isn't she beautiful?!?! I'm trying to keep her in our friend loop until Bennett gets old enough to care about girls and all. Then he better keep her in the friend loop! :) Not that I'm trying to set him up or anything...

This is Jaelen's brother, Thomas - far left. He and the oldest choir boys were the marimba players. It was all for looks... and they looked good.

This is my favorite Carruth, Carrie - well, right after her Mom! We played some sort of broom hockey in AWANA a few years back. It was wicked! We'll keep Carrie in our friend loop too... just in case! :)

I'm not trying to set anyone up here! Just so you know. This is my girl Anna. She's in my S.S. class each week. She comes from a stellar family too.
Here's the crab of the show. Or maybe she was a lobster? Nicole - singing her solo. I remember when she was 3 or 4 and sang "Happy Birthday Jesus" at one of our Christmas productions. It was fantastic. She's still fantastic... and has a beautiful inside to match this outside.
These are the main characters... Destini (whose Mom works with me), Anna, Courtney, Mr Woody, Blake, Austin, and Nicole.

This is Blake at the end of the play. He really did a great job. His dad is the Brian who encouraged Bennett so much at the beginning. This year, Blake was one of the stars of the show. So, maybe Bennett will be in front of a crowd one day without too much anxiety.

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