Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Day - Field Trips - End of School

I started this post a month ago. That's really sad. I guess I've been otherwise occupied around here. So the words will be brief.
We had AWANA awards night. Maggie and Bennett both finished their books and got the ribbons and plaques to hang on the walls. Ruth and Lydia also finished their Cubbie book... but with a little less fanfare and hanging stuff.

Soccer season ended mid-May. As brief as it is, it's nice to be finished. B&M were the Strykers... these are the kids and coaches. A good year. B will graduate up to the next level in the fall so they won't play together again for a year... if ever. :( This is Jaelen trying to escape having her green face captured for all to see. :) Ha! I won.
I'll have to check and see what other pictures I intended to post and never did.
Argh... my mind....

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