Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Countdown is on!

The kids are bringing home lots of goodies from school. We're down to 7 days. They do very little work this time of year... what with field trips and parties and celebrations for accomplishments and field day. But they do bring home the work they've done during the year that the teacher keeps until now. I don't know if they hide it away so it'll be more special by the time we see it or if it gets lots in the piles on their desks. Or maybe they keep a pile of the "I've got to keep this one" stories (like me) and then when they go through it the last 2 weeks of school they realize it really wasn't worth keeping after all. Of course, I haven't come to that realization yet on any of my stories yet. So, with that in mind... here's Bennett's recount of Christmas at Grandma's house. I like how he gives the play by play of almost everything he did. :) But the ending seems a little abrupt... maybe he ran out of time. Maybe it was the last thing he remembered from the trip. Maybe he was awed by his mother's card shark like playing abilities and forgot everything else. Yea, that must have been it!

Jan. 21, 2009
I went to Grandma's house in December for Christmas in '08. I was happy to be able to go. We got there by car. When we got there I saw Grandma on the porch with Grandpa. I went up to the porch and huged them. I went inside and talked. Then I went back outside and rode bikes with Maggie. After I rode bikes I went and played with some toys. After a while we ate dinner. After dinner we wanted to open presents. What I got was a telescope, some oddesy dics, a book, a gun shooting thing-a-mi-jig, an oniment and a bunch of candy. That night we wacthed a movie when we were in bed. After I woke up and Grandpa was makeing breakfast I went to play and when breakfast was ready we all ate. After we ate I went and got dressed. Later in the day when Grandma and mommy were not busey we all went and flew kites. After that me and Maggie rode on the tire swing. Then we sat on the porch and played. After that I went inside and Mommy and G-ma were playing cards.

See... surely he was awed! So, before I head off to bed to ready myself for Field Day in the morning... I shall post a few of the most recent Bennett pics.
This is from the park... he had a field trip with his fellow 2nd graders for those who read and tested on more than 150 books this year.
Here's Bennett with his 2 best soccer coaches! Sami and Katie. I hope they come back in the fall.
Here he is during the last soccer game where he rocked the goal! Defense!
And here he is doing some crazy Bennett dance. :)

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