Friday, February 01, 2008

Science Night

First Grade Science Night at J.P. Nix Primary school... January 31st, 2008.
Curtis and Lydia were banned from spreading their germs so I took the 3 older kids to go put "hands on" with their friends. There were many more friends there than I expected with the weather so cold and rainy and with as many stomach bugs that are going around.
We had a great time!

Mrs. Bunny shows how magnets work by "Feeding the Hounds". Matt and Josh raced with us. Matt is Bennett's very best friend from Kindergarten, Sunday school and 1st grade. If they aren't in the same class next year we're going to go through withdrawals!

Ruth experiments with colors. How different colors blended change the way things look. She just liked wearing the glasses and looking so glam! :)
Here the girls are enjoying Mrs. Whitaker's class. This was the big hit with most the kids as her class was full and busy the whole time we were there. The concept... blow bubbles in paint and then place your paper on the bubbles and as they pop, they color your paper. Super cool until you suck paint up the straw instead of blowing bubbles. Ruth had a purple mouth and entertained the other parents briefly. She got over it very quickly because Mrs. Whitaker has a really cool water fountain IN her room.

Here we were estimating and counting and sorting... but not eating jelly beans.

We also did a "Sink or Float" guessing game which Maggie won because she guessed everything would sink... and only the wooden stuff floated.

Mrs. Milhollin (Bennett's teacher) had a "Guess What's Inside" shaking egg game. She had various objects inside plastic eggs and you had to shake and guess. It wasn't easy! It was Ruth's favorite class. They had a vibrating hanger room that I have a picture of, but didn't download yet. We didn't make it to the last several rooms because we ran out of time.
We then ran to Ingles for a few grocery needs/wants and while we were there the girls were being silly and repeating Bennett's on-air joke of Stinkerbell (over and over) and a fellow who was walking by said he wasn't Tinkerbell... he was Peter Pan. Well, we ran into him several times and the girls wanted to know if he really was Peter Pan. He was funny playing along with their game.
Then we went to Dairy Queen and had more sugar. I was freezing, it was raining and we were eating ice cream. Go figure!
Today Bennett was on-air. I'll download his video tonight when I get home from work.

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