Saturday, January 19, 2008

January Snow Days

It snowed Wednesday and again Saturday. Wednesday night I was stuck at work because Curtis told me I would never make it up our road without 4 wheel drive. I had to work Thursday anyway so it wasn't that big of a deal except that it made Thursday seem forever long! It has been a pretty snow today, but very wet and quickly leaving. Here are some pictures and video from the two days.

Can you tell Lydia is enjoying her time in the snow?

Maggie does a taste test while it's still clean.

Ruth... as the snow just starts falling on Saturday.

Daddy takes a quick shot to send to Mom while she's stuck at work.

Bennett (white helmet) and Maggie (red helmet) ride while the snow starts falling. It really wasn't comfortable having the snow pelt your face as you raced down the driveway. I didn't last very long...

Bennett sleds the hill.
Lydia, Bennett and Maggie ride together.Bennett takes Ruth down the hill.Bennett and Maggie ride again.


Seth said...

Wow, nice new truck back there!! Is that yours Jenny??

Lenee said...


I love the internet!


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