Monday, September 17, 2007

September Days

The weather is beginning to cool. The sun is warm and the skies are blue. It's lovely around here lately. We are enjoying the next book in the Little House series... On the Banks of Plum Creek. The kids ask each night to read some Mary and Laura. I think it's a ploy to prolong bedtime, at least from Ruth. It usually works. I'm a sucker for "read us a book" when I've been gone to work all day. I walk in the door at bedtime, rush them through their nightly routines, and then expect them to go to bed happily. So I give in to a chapter or two of Mary and Laura. Lydia's had a viral fever the past two days so she gets the extra mommy snuggles. Bennett whines from his room "why don't you ever snuggle with me?" Time? Usually it turns into 3am and I'm still in his room "snuggling" because I was too tired to lay still and NOT fall asleep. We admitted 15 newborns today at work. I'm tired! I'm mostly tired of all the crying. Not so much that I didn't sit for more than a few minutes at any one moment, but they ALL cried all day long. It's the routine for being in the admission nursery. They cry while we assess them. They cry while we bathe them. They cry when we give them their shots. They cry until we feed them. Then they're quiet... but when you have 15 in a 10 hour period there's always at least one in that crying stage. We all had headaches tonight. Then the kids want to tell me all about their day. I don't think I heard anything Maggie said tonight. Bennett wanted to write a story about his day with Matthew. He had to read his book for school. I had to catch Lydia pee in the potty. Ruth wanted me to hug her and kiss her and pray with her. Now it's midnight. The dishwasher is running. The clothes are tumbling. And I'm tired. Did I already say that? :)

Oh, Ruth's prayer tonight was very classic. She starts by telling me I smell like chips. You can't hide anything around here. I laughed. Then she tells me to laugh in her ear again, and she laughs. Then she promptly goes into "Dear God. Thank you for this day and for playing nicely with Maggie. And for always loving her even until we die. Amen" I'm not sure what happened today but it made me smile. She also informed me that she was the only one still awake at the time and Mommy and Daddy. Yep, she's my nightowl. First one up. Last one asleep.

And we STILL didn't make Jared or Aunt Leslie birthday cards! I'll catch up when Lydia goes off to college.

Here are a couple of girl pictures. We have 4 matching boxes from a set of Jeep wheels that mysteriously arrived on our front
porch. They have turned them into cars and/or a train... depending on which side you look at and how they have them set up. This is Maggie's... complete with DVD player! Lydia was reading to one of her babies in her box. She's really the only one that actually fits in the box. Oh, and I went to a "Giraffe" seminar in ATL last week... it's a bed made for premies. I got this stuffed giraffe as a reminder to "buy my product!". Probably enough for one night. Playgroup is tomorrow. I won't get anything accomplished around the house... but Ruth gets to play with Amelia. Her words tonight about that... AWESOME!! :)


Lenee said...

Ah, good to catch up with you.

You sure can pack a lot into one day. You do a great job and you should be proud of your accomplishments. I am! (of your accomplishments, that is.)

Everybody still under one roof - happy and healthy - you're ahead of the stats! (Have to get Dan's take on that!)

Anyhoo - do rest, do savor, do keep doing what you do.

The world's a better place because of it - even if only one crying baby at a time.



LIsa Inlow said...

Love your blog Jenny, it's a good way to keep up w/ you and Curt and your cute kidos. Hope y'all are doing good. Love, Lisa

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