Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend at Grandpa & Grandma's

We had to reserve a weekend at Grandpa/ma's before school starts back. We haven't been down in several months. In fact, I can't even remember the last time we went down.

I remember growing up (not so long ago) we took trips to visit our Grandparents because they lived in different states. Indiana and Arizona. It wasn't a quick, one day event. We made memories and we had fun. We did special things. It was our Grandparent's house! There is nothing like that. Of course, it was always more fun with the parent's weren't with us because then we could ask for anything and usually got it. We knew our limits though. In Arizona we got to eat out for breakfast and go bowling. We got to swim and ride bikes unsupervised! In Indiana we got to ride bikes all day, play in the fields and barns and usually got away with any trouble we caused. I remember playing in the bins of grain. How scary is that as a parent!?! Now, all I think about is the possibility of sinking into the grain and not getting out. It didn't happen and I never thought about it back then. But now, as a parent, I do!

Anyway, this weekend we took a trip to visit the grandparents. I wished we had more days but with work, we're limited. Plus, Grandpa has to get ready for his 4th annual fishing trip to Alaska! We arrived on Friday. Shopped and played on Saturday. Church and played on Sunday. Played and left on Monday. That's basically it, but oh the memories! We now have kids old enough to play cards. UNO is the game of choice and it's fun to watch them learn and scheme. Maggie thinks it hilarious to play a "bad" card on someone. Bennett tried a hand at Spite and Malice with Grandma and me but she had to take a nap, so we never got to finish. Lydia and Ruth entertained Grandpa, which he loved!
Our day at Berachah was full of old faces and many new faces too. It has changed so much over the years, yet so much stays the same. The Scherer's, Young's, Lee's, Pell's... I long for families like these for our kids. Berachah is also just finishing up a building project for a new fellowship hall and classrooms. The building is nice, the work is almost done, and the bill is paid. Funny thing, Concord is just starting that project.
Grandma helped me do some shopping for school. We needed the basic supply list that I don't have time for, as well as some clothes for Maggie. Lydia wasn't in to shopping for very long so she and Grandma walked around while Maggie tried on pants. Then Grandma's buggy had a huge Dora toy in it... and it ended up being 80% off or something crazy cheap like that. Had we only known... ;) we could have gotten them all.

Grandpa loves to take the girls on rides around the estate! Usually, it's to empty a scrap bucket or pick up the mail. He can never just go with one. When the engine first roars they take off running for the door and start yelling at him to "Wait Gampa, Wait for me!". So, eventually all have had their rides. This particular trip he loaded them all up together. You should have heard the squeals of delight. Lydia, I do believe was the loudest, as her mouth was the widest!

Maggie learned to ride a 2-wheeled bike this weekend. Their yard is flat and has softer-than-gravel grass on it. She fell over and over and over but with the cheers from the front porch she was inspired to get back on and try again. The smiles are priceless! Grandma's cheers are also priceless. Normally, she would cry and quit if she thought she would fail. Now, we just have to convince her that our gravel is just as rideable and get rid of the training wheels.

Bennett also tried to ride a bigger bike. He has sorely outgrown his from Christmas. If he would just stop growing!!! So, now we'll have to get a larger one for him soon.

Daddy found some mistletoe in a nearby tree and used it on his favorite little girls. I think Lydia enjoyed it the most.

On Monday before we headed back north Grandpa and Bennett took a trip down to the shop. I was still cleaning up the mess in the house and washing up laundry so I really wasn't paying attention to how long they were gone. Eventually, the girls and I went searching for the boys. We found them deeply engrossed in making a new bench for Bennett. Apparently, Bennett told Grandpa that he wanted to build something. He didn't care what it was, he just wanted to build. So Grandpa suggested a Bennett-sized workbench to match his Grandpa-sized workbenches. They found enough scrap wood and cut out all the necessary pieces. We arrived when the legs were being "made more stronger". Grandpa cut out triangles to glue and nail into place to support the legs. He let each one of the kids (except Lydia) apply glue and pull the trigger on the nail gun. That's a HUGE thing in Grandpa's shop!!! He didn't care that the kids were squirting excess glue, stirring up dust, touching his cabinets, or messing with his work. What a change in that old Grandpa! :) I remember when I was that age... well, he let us sand and stain but NEVER touch the tools. Woo Wee! The girls were especially excited about pulling the trigger. We brought the treasured bench home. It's super special around here right now! Thanks Grandpa! I wanted to get some pictures in the shop but I knew if I left to find the camera the moment would be over and I would have missed the event. Here are the shots once we got it home.

I'm sure there are more thoughts from the weekend but I'm now out of blogging time for the night.

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