Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Maggie's New Mouth

Maggie has lost her SECOND tooth already. She cracks us up. She's barely 5 1/2 and has made $2 on teeth. She thinks that's a great return too.
She has a fun new smile and can stick her tongue through the new gap. Her first BIG tooth is already half-way up and will change her look soon. We're getting really excited about starting school too. She has the same teacher that Bennett had last year. Mrs. Chamberlain! She's a really sweet teacher that worked wonders with Bennett. I have high hopes for Maggie this year. :)
Bennett will be in Mrs. Milhollin's class this year with his two favorite boys... Matthew and Brendan, both from church. I hope she's ready for them! She is also from church... so she knows.

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