Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just another Manic Monday...

well, actually it's Tuesday. But in keeping up with my brother's blog I've been sucked in to reading many other random people's blogs as well. One such blog had a song as a header/title for every entry she had posted. That's cool! :) Another's has such awesome pictures that she's taken it is almost inspiring for me to go take cool pictures again. But I've lost my photo eye. Either I need glasses or we're having lens issues with the camera. This was my attempt at one of my roses this season. Then the next week all those buds in the background bloomed at the same time and I missed that shot.

Anywho... my manic Monday was spent at work. We had our long awaited triplets! Two boys and a girl and they were very cute. Did rather well for being a few weeks early. Later in the afternoon we had a set of twins that should have been, could have been very sick. But they too did rather well. I wish I could post pictures of them, but not ethical or legal or approved, or something like that. Then we had all the normal, everyday mostly term kids and inductions. We were busy. After work I stopped by to see my sister-in-law Leslie who just had some cancerous colon removed from her otherwise cancer free body. We went for a walk down to the "garden" outside the cafeteria. In the midst of all the nasty construction around there it was actually kind of nice out there. I think we saw two other people the whole time we were talking. It was getting dark and Les was afraid for my safety walking across the parking lot so we headed back up to her not-so-cozy room. I pretended to settle her in for the night but she really did all the work. Then I headed home to my wonderful family who were all still wide eyed and bushy tailed. We read a couple books and then tucked into bed. We're still reading the Little House books. We're on Farmer Boy... the story of a boy named Almanzo Wilder. I never knew he grew up in NY.

Today we went swimming with our playgroup friends. It was a very small group today but sometimes that's really a nice change. Bennett was the only boy old enough to walk & talk but he enjoyed his time with the girls. He and Maggie are getting more and more brave in the water. One day they'll be able to float on their own! :) Ruth was once again a side-liner and played with Little John and Littler Wyatt. Lydia enjoyed jumping in and splashing me and she even swam around in a floatie ring. Tonight we did one of Bennett's science experiments and watched his volcano erupt. It was fun... but stinky (according to B).

By the way... Leslie got to go home tonight! Tomorrow we will welcome another Knott into this world. Another day at the grindstone...

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