Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Flags 2011

Our annual day trip to 6-Flags... the reward for reading 6 extra hours during the months of January and February. This year all 4 kids had tickets. It was a family event... and we met up with Aunt Stacy and Adam, Uncle Seth, Aunt Leslie, Micah, AnnaGrace, Esther, and our friends, the Princes. We went last year with the Prince family... and the kids really enjoy that yearly date. Our 2010 day was the hottest day of the year... and this year seemed to be shaping up to be a close second. Our Himstedt friends went Wednesday, which was the hottest day. We picked Thursday... which was a good 10 degrees cooler. And Friday was downright cold! So, it seems we picked good the right day.

It was Bennett, Maggie and Ruth's return trip - but for Lydia, it was all new and exciting! We had our day planned... start with the Wile E Coyote Canyon Blaster, ride it as many times as we can before the line gets long, then move on to less important rides. The Dahlonega Mine Train was closed when we got there, so we skipped that area. Lydia's very first ride....Tweety's Tree House in Bugs Bunny World. We made it to the Canyon Blaster with zero line! And managed to meet up with our cousins and friends. We traveled across, around and through the park... sometimes together... sometimes split in groups... but we rode all the rides we wanted. We started the day when the park opened at 10:30 and managed to keep everyone happy and whine free until closing time at 9pm! Ruth's favorite ride... the old classic Mind Bender! Lydia's favorite... all of them! Maggie's favorite.... the super fast drop of Acrophobia, 16 story drop. Eeeks!  Bennett's favorite... well, it was his first year doing the "adult" rides and I think he was pleased. Goliath, Batman, Ninja, Scream Machine... he did them all. I used Lydia's short stature as my excuse for not riding any!

I did ride the Mind Bender as everyone is tall enough for that.  I sat next to Lydia explaining the G-force, keeping your head back, look for the sky, etc... while she grinned ear to ear and loved the thrill.  She is SO small in that seat! I kept my arm across her chest (the old Mom seat belt) during the whole ride and realized at the end I was probably close to choking her... but she was not going to get slung forward from the loops. When asked if I choked her, she laughed and said nope and wanted to go again.  Whew! My old Mommy nerves can't handle her riding those big rides.

We moved to the swings... where she really was too short to ride. The swings! Who knew?!?!  Judy rode the big Splashwater Falls with the kids while I took pictures and managed to stay dry. That's Holly, Maggie, Ruth & Carter with Judy and Lydia just behind them.  We took the Sky Buckets back toward the front gate before we stopped for our lunch picnic.

We picnicked under the trees in the parking lot and then headed back for an afternoon at Skull Island, the water park. We played with all the cousins for a while then headed back toward our favorite rides. As the evening progressed the air cooled and the lines thinned. We really enjoyed our last 3 hours.

The girls got to ride the Log Jamboree (Flumes) over and over with no waiting. Bennett paired up with Adam and left with Aunt Stacy for an overnight adventure in Senoia. The rest of us prepared to leave... they were playing all the "goodbye" songs over the speakers, reminding us that it was time to go home.
I bought Lydia's superhero cape she had asked for ALL day long. She ran circles around me in happiness. Literally.
A great time was had by all.... a long day but so worth the memories!

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