Wednesday, July 27, 2011

School is D-O-N-E! Stick a fork in us.

We officially have 8 school days left at the time of this writing... but by the time I finish this post, I'm sure we'll be finished. It has been a completely different year for us with all 4 finally in school. I think I have less free time with them out of the house... because on my days off I feel the need to eat lunch with someone, volunteer somewhere, sit in the car line sometime... a long time. There have been some days when I stay home and wash, cook, sit, sleep... but I can guarantee they were fewer than one hand's worth! If I'm not at work.... the kids want me to pick them up. We shave a whole 5-10 minutes off the bus drop-off time... and spend a gallon of gas. But they're worth it. Every time. I like the stories I hear in the van that I would otherwise miss... because when we're home, they're off running, playing, fighting, etc. There is very little sitting and talking in the afternoon.

Last week we had back to back field days at WCIS (3-6) and JPN (K-2). I must say... after having spent both days in their entireties I enjoy WCIS much more. I'm not sure if it's because the kids are older and more "into" the competition, or if it's just that much more organized.  Coach Barrett puts a ton of effort into having all the activities run correctly and even has an instruction manual for the volunteer parents to ensure it happens. They have winners! Someone actually keeps track of points and places and posts them on a board for all the world to see... and the kids survive knowing they aren't winners all the time! Some win... most don't. But it's still a very fun day for everyone.
My "job" for WCIS Field day... 50-yard dash. No, I didn't have to do the dashing! No worries. :)  I was one of the finish line people. And I only had to do the first hour. Then I was free to roam and enjoy the kids do all their other activities. Well, the 5th grade classes dashed first and we were done in less than 20 minutes... lots of "down" time between the grades to roam and enjoy all the activities. So I decided to just stick with the 50 yard dash for the entire day. It was lots of fun there because every kid got to run through "my" finish line. I took a few pictures of other kids I know, who's parents were working. I congratulated, cheered and called them by name. Some were surprised to hear their name in the "way to go... " sentence. But they all smiled.
Carson and Bennett... a crazy pair!

Hula Hoop competition... won by a girl, of course.

Maggie and the Egg in the Spoon relay.

Maggie's 50 yard dash... right side.

Maggie throwing horseshoes.
Noah, Bennett and Matt  - softball throw.

Mrs. O's Yellow Team... 6 Man Relay. Kaylee, Austin, Bennett, Armon, Natalie, Ansleigh.

Bennett ran the 3rd leg... 
Bennett's 50 yard dash... middle.

Crazy Cheers for the team.
I walked back and forth a lot trying to find Bennett or Maggie's classes... taking a few pictures, patting backs, and saying "I'm going to check on ___, I'll be back in a little while".  Both their classes did pretty well in the grade level competitions. Both teachers made the "academic vs physical" comments - their classes are known for their academics! But both classes did really well physically as well. Not that it matters! Tug of war is one of my favorite contests. I think it stems back to my many trips to LeTourneau College while Dan and Lara were there... and I got to watch the AO guys compete... REAL Tug-of-War competitions! I like yelling for the kids... dig... lean... pull.... plant those feet... lean... pull.... lots of fun for me, since I'm not the one putting forth the muscle!  All in all - it was a terrific day!

The next day was Field Day for JPN. So, of course, I had to be there as well. The kiddos here play different games... very little "real" competition and very little organization. I'm not complaining though, because I'm not volunteering to make it better, or different. But parents volunteer all day long, therefore the games have different rules with each changing of the guard. They have tug-of-war, sack race, bean bag toss, rocket throw (I guess the substitute for softball throw)
It was a long day after a long day and I paid for it. We left JPN and picked up the big kids early and headed home where I was in bed with a migraine the rest of the afternoon. It's so worth it though!

That night I took the kids and headed to the local rec field to watch Cousin Eddie play ball... Union vs White, and I think Union (Eddie) won 21-0.

Ok, here we are.... about to start school BACK and I have not published this post.  I'm not re-reading it for errors or for flow... the end!  :)

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