Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Lunch Day with Lydia

Friday was family lunch day with Lydia's class. Her school lets a different class have a special lunch day each Friday. I was supposed to work and really wasn't looking forward to it because it just makes me sad to have to miss special days like that. Now that all 4 kids are in school I have spent a lot of time at the little girls' school helping in the library or just general loitering in the halls. :)
Grandma and Grandpa drove up for the lunch. Grammy and Papa came too. AND both parents. Lydia was a popular little girl this day. Ruth even got to go to lunch a little early so she could enjoy the grandfolks. The sad thing is I didn't have my camera at school. I hope to get the good pictures from her teacher. We had our family dinner group dinner that night at Rebecca's house. It seemed to be grandparent night with so many extra parents around. Mom and Dad stayed in town to eat with all our friends.  James' folks were there as well. Rebecca's Mom, although she didn't speak to any of us inside the house. I'm thinking, either she had lots to say to the men (who were also hiding on the porch) or she was scared of the houseful of kids.

Since we didn't take any of our own pictures for family day... I left a note the next morning requesting a picture of Lydia with Grandpa and Grandma. I had to leave for work bright and early and I knew I wouldn't get to see them before they went home. These are the pictures I got from the camera that night. Apparently, the camera was sent downstairs with little people and the pictures were taken by little people. 
They don't quite have the whole "frame the subject" concept.  I don't know which little people took the pictures... but I'm guessing it wasn't Lydia! :)

This was our "supermoon" this month. It was full Saturday night (although I think Saturday morning on my way to work was bigger and brighter). It was closer and brighter than recent years. I can't remember all the numbers... 20% closer, 13% brighter than the previous 50 years? I don't know. But  everyone was making a big deal out of the whole thing. Bennett's class has been using the whole "follow the moon" as a project. Each night he looks and then draws what he sees. It also makes the girls interested in what's going on since they like to be like him. :)
Ruth left Bennett a note under his pillow this week. "Hey Bennett. I love you. From Ruth" 
I told him to keep it because one day she won't be nice to him. And his reply... "then I can shove it in her face and remind her that she used to love me?"  Yeah. Shove it in her face! That'll work.
I have another picture I need to get from Corie and I'll add it here eventually!

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Sweet Inlow's said...

That whole "shove it in her face" thing is friggin' hilarious!! :)

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