Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dixie Run by Bennett

Daddy and I went to the Dixie run in Oct. for my birthday with Mr.Knott, Trevor, and Tanner. We had a lot of fun looking at the jeeps and buggies and riding in Daddy's jeep. When we got there we didn't know where to set the tent up. We rode up and down the bumpy roads until we found a good spot to set up the tent. Once we had put everything in the tent daddy drove the jeep off of the trailer. After a little while we all got into the jeep and explored the camp a little.

We looked at the side of the mountain and saw a bunch of lights from all the people already jeepin on the trails. When we got back to the tent we laid down and heard all the engines of people's jeeps on the trails and the trail right at the bottom of the hill right under us. (pretty much).The next morning we all woke up and walked to the pavilion where they were serving breakfast.
We signed up for a trail ride then after that we went back to the tent and got ready for a trail ride. We rode a little bit then got out to watch the other jeeps and help
winch people out and did that a few times until it was time for lunch. We went back to camp and ate and then rode bikes for a while after fixing loose bike parts. We then went back to jeepin and rode to a place called bounty hill. Bounty hill is a big hill with lot of boulders. At the top there is a big rock pretty much straight up. It had about a 60 degree angle and is very hard to get up.

The first buggy to go up broke a power steering line to his rear steer. He drove back down the hill to get it fixed. Next a power wagon drove up the hill. He got up to the top of the hill and flipped a switch that stretched the frame of the truck. He started to try to get up but soon flipped over.

Trevor and I were playing in a water hole and trying to knock a sheet of moss off of a dirt ledge while waiting for more Jeeps.

A few more came and made it up the hill and eventually the guy who broke his steering line came back and successfully made it up this this time. A wrangler came and kept bouncing up and down and eventually broke something. After that a little Toyota pickup came and backed up the hill at the bottom of Bounty hill (which even big buggies were having trouble getting up)and then hammered the throttle he made it up a little ways then started spinning his tires. He backed back down the hill and started over he did that a few times then made it up farther than he had before. He kept going and eventually after a while he made it to the bottom of the rock and he couldn't get up the rock. He had to be winched up the rock. After that it was a traffic jam trying to get out. But we made it. We went back to the tent and then went to dinner. We got shirts and played on the playground and rode bikes. They had a band playing and they had a raffle to win Jeep parts and stuff.

After all that we went back to the tent to try to go to sleep. But there were a whole bunch of loud engines. So we all loaded into the jeep in search of the noise. We found the noise at the dirt track. There were people zooming around the track. The Toyota was there, the buggy, some razors, a white Cherokee, and some others. We watched them go around the track a while and then did a little more night exploring.

After that we went back to the tent and got some rest. The next day we loaded everything up and left. on our way home we stopped at a cave place and they had a big box full of tunnels.

We had a lot of fun in it. After that we ate lunch and went back home. We had a lot of fun at the Dixie run. :)

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