Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Shoot! The first day of school was August 23rd, 2010. I have saved a spot in this blog for such a post as this. But now... it's October 16th. 8 weeks later. I'm sure there are many thoughts and feelings about this day that have been lost forever in the hole of my brain. My delay. My procrastination. My bad!
I typically sit in this chair intending to write... only to find something to read instead. Or I do laundry. Or I fall asleep. My biggest excuse for delay... having to upload pictures from a card that isn't handy, or doesn't fit directly into the laptop. Then I have to go to the desktop, remove someone from that chair, and find the right file of photos, card or spot. Yeah... that's my excuse.

The first day of school 2010....

This year is a monumental, life changing year. ALL FOUR have stepped into the land of public education! Bennett starts 4th grade with Mrs. Oliver.
Maggie is in 3rd with Mrs. Carney.
Ruth has Mrs. Usher for 1st and
Lydia... sweet little baby girl Lydia starts Kindergarten with Mrs. Smith. One good things for the girls is the fact that we know their teachers from previous years. One of the bad things for the girls is the fact that we know their teachers from previous years! :)
These are my favorite pictures from that morning... walking hand in hand with her Daddy.

Everyone keeps asking what we're going to do with an empty house... so far (2 months later) there's been very little free time any day of the week. I keep saying I'm going to clean and organize all the things that have gotten stacked and pushed to the back for the past 10 years.
I do know one thing... when the kids ask me to sit, snuggle, read, play, etc... I AM going to push and stack to the back, ignore the piles, laundry and dishes until they are in bed or finished playing.

Here are Lydia and Ruth in their classrooms... Ruth's friend Katherine is also in the picture. Her mom is Lydia's teacher... Mrs. Smith.

Here are couple of fun pictures from after school...

I asked them to give me their most tired, bored, or worn out face from having to work all day. This is what I got! :)

Fare the well!

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