Monday, November 29, 2010

This Just In... Girl Catches Flu, Mom Catches Up!

Ok, so I'll never really be all caught up but I'm working on it.
Ruth has the flu. She alone got sick on Thanksgiving and was confined to the house and her chair for the next 4 days. This required an adult to also be confined to the house alongside her. She requested the mother. I obliged. While sitting next to her I've been able to catch up on some picture loading and blogging. I did a little laundry and dishes too.
So far, she has been the only one to fall to the dreaded illness. Her symptoms have been very mild but I'm sure if a male person had the same sickness, the world would be ending. She's pretty easy.
Earlier this month I took some family photos of our friends, the Himstedts. It wasn't too difficult. I just let James tell everybody what to do and then snapped the shots.
Here are the two littlest ones... they clean up nice like, now don't ya think?! :) Elizabeth and Avery Bavery Boo. He loves that name, really. Deep down in that big red belly. I feel the love.

The Kids' Choir also had a Sunday morning to lead worship for both services. Ruth and Maggie both got microphones for their efforts during practice each week. They were very pleased.
Bennett did sing a little, even though this picture look like he didn't. Lydia, Lyndsi and Syndey decided to entertain us while they sang. There were hand motions they did for one song. Then Lydia showed all of us her stockings. Pretty, eh?

For our Halloween thing at the church this year they had karaoke. Ruth and Amelia sang a little praise and worship and did a mighty fine job. I took video - but my card was full and it lasted like 3 seconds. Boo.
Here's a shot from a recent birthday. Our friends Tanner, Shannon and AJ around the Lego box with Lydia and Bennett.
And speaking of Bennett... here's one from school from Grandparent's day. This came off his class website so I'm not sure of the quality for blogs.
And this one with his friend Ethan Pickett, dressed up for book character day. Who knows?!?!

By the way, I went to high school with Ethan's dad way down in Griffin. Interesting, eh?
The girls had a GA (Girls in Action) sleep over... where they stay up "all" night and play. My courageous friend Corie actually stayed with them and shared a couple pictures. This was dinner... early in the evening. I did not stay!! One of them shared with me that it would not be as much fun if I were there. I agree!

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